Catching 'Tiagong Akyat', the First Legend of 'Agimat'!

Popularly known as David Garcia Jr. or JR in the hit No. 1 TV Series, "Tayong Dalawa" , Gerald Anderson is now making another mark in the Philippine TV screen. Yup, now as one of the four new "Agimat" inheritance!

Well have you ever to catch him last Saturday? Have you caught "Tiagong Akyat"!?

Gerald Anderson is our new generation's "Tiagong-Akyat"! After the legendary Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. made an 'agimat' mark in the heart of every Filipino, he now passed on his 'agimat' to the new young actors. And Gerald Anderson is the first of the lucky four!

Well to give you more trivia, based on my research, "Tiagong-Akyat" was originally an old movie entitled "Hulihin Si Tiagong-Akyat", which was led by the Agimat King, Sen. Ramon Revila Sr.!

If now on the present "Tiagong-Akyat" Series, Gerald's leading lady is Erich Gonzalez, 2005 Star-Circle Teen Quest Grand Questor, Ms. Liza Lorena (if I'm not mistaken!) was Sen. Revilla's love-interest. Hmmmm...looks exciting huh! A comparison of the past and the present!

Well, if you want to make a visualization of the past "Tiagong-Akyat" movie, just look on the picture above! How does it looks? Try to compare and contrast!

So, anything more!? It looks a more challenging TV action-fantaserye for Gerald Anderson as 'Tiagong-Akyat'! And wanting for more?! Well, just wait to see the other three 'agimat' new stars sooner!

"Agimat...Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla" is another great and best TV revision of Kapamilya Network. A new TV series to watch! A new action-fantasy that will defeat other more series in our todays generation! A new great mark on TV! c",)

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