Kyle Echarri's Character as Obet Bids Farewell in the Last Week of "Senior High!"

"maraming salamat Obet Santana. ang dami mong tinuro saakin."

This is how Kyle Echarri captioned his recent Instagram post about his character Obet Santana in the top-trending TV series "Senior High." Kyle's character was shot dead by Harry Aguero (played by Baron Geisler) in the series.

In the 6th to the last episode of "Senior High," Obet heard and discovered that Z (Daniela Stranner) was the one behind the death of Luna (Andrea Brillantes). And because of this, her father Harry need to cover the truth and save putting the life of Obet in danger.   

On the same IG post of Kyle, Baron also commended the young actor. In the comment section, Baron replied: "You spayed this scene @kyleecharri Sa Iron heart palang bilib na ako sa kakayahan mo bilang isang mahusay na actor. Keep it up and congratulations sa mga darating mo pang projects. Lavya kid!!" 

We may also recalled that on that same episode, Kyle and Baron shared a very intense dramatic scene where the two actors had a powerful confrontation scene showcasing the two's great talent in acting! And yes, that said scene including Kyle and Baron instantly trended in the world-wide web! 

Meanwhile, here is a glimpse of Obet's tragic death the few episodes of "Senior High." Let's rewatch this:

 "Senior High," one of today's hottest and top-trending teleserye is led by the Gen Z actors namely Andrea Brillantes, Zaijan Jaranilla, Xyriel Ann Manabat, Daniela Stranner, Miggy Jimenez, Juan Carlos Labajo, Elijah Canlas, and Kylie Echarri. It is now on its final week and we're down to its final four episodes tonight!   

But even though Z is the suspect to Luna's death, still there's a hint of mystery behind her death. What do you think guys? Who is the real killer? Well, let's all find out as the series concludes this Friday, January 19, 2024! Let's see if all our guesses were correct! 01/16/2024 (TV Series Craze)


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