Financial Tips from the Different TV Series that We Watch

Do you believe in the saying that, "You are what you watch?"

Yes, TV or television had played a vital part in our development. TV had molded our childhood, our personalities, and even our interest. In my own experience, I grew up watching TV. When I was a kid, I used to watch cartoons, anime, superhero series until I turn on watching dramas, telenovelas, teleserye, and now a series from the different streaming platforms. 

Since I became an avid fan before of different series, I got inspired in some of the stories I've watched. I wonder how a poor protagonist emerged from rugs to richest. I admire how those maltreated lead characters turn vengeful in the later part of the story.  Sometimes, I see or I imagine myself playing a role in some of those TV series with my favorite actors!

Well, watching TV both have a positive and a negative impact to the viewers. But it's up to us whether to adapt its positive or negative effects in our lives. Definitely for me, I'll choose the brighter side!  

So for today here in my article, let me share with you some of my personal tips from the different TV series or TV programs that we had watched. I've take the financial aspect since most of the dramas and series that we have watched revolve around money! Yes, money is the plot twist and the root cause of all the story in most of the series and TV programs that we had watched! 

  • Save While You Are Young. Our parents always taught us when we are kids to save as early as possible. We didn't know what will happen tomorrow just like the series we are watching, we can't easily predict what will happen on the next chapter! It's better to be ready than sorry! If you have your own Savings Calculator, you can calculate your earnings from a small savings that you have today. That calculator will definitely help you to determine the future value of a monthly investment at various compounding intervals.   
  • Start Investing. Money easily come and go! You have money today but tomorrow, that amount of money cannot anymore suffice your needs! Take for instance the villains of your favorite TV series - at the beginning of the story, they have lots of money but as time passes by they eventually loose these moneys because they didn't invest 'cause they only believe that theya re rich forever! If I were them, I'll start investing and compute my investments via Mortgage Calculator to figure out how much money that will have or they will loose in the future!    
  • Use Your Credit Cards Wisely. Rich people in your favorite KDramas always have a credit card! That's why many of us were also encourage to have our own credit cards! It's good to have a credit card but it's better if you will use it wisely! Oh well, the Credit Cards feature of the helps me a lot in computing my annual interest, my monthly payment that I need to settle, the credit card payoff, and the principal vs. interest rates that I need to take action with!
  • Be Your Own Financial Planner. Good Financial Planning as early as now will take you to a better future until your own retirement. Know how to calculate your expenses versus the amount of money or income coming to you and your family. Get inspired with the "rugs to richest" story of your favorite series!      

Now aside from these tips that I mentioned, what other more advice can you give us? What plot twist in your favorite series or TV program affects you most? Is it more on a financial side that I have discussed above or do you much affected by the "love story" or romance aspect? Oh well, feel free to share it with us and let's discussed! 01/18/2024 (TV Series Craze)   


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