Donny Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa Team Up for the First Time in an Esports-Inspired Movie, "Good Game!"

Who could have thought that one day, this brilliant celebrity mother-and-son will be paired up in an exciting movie? Well before in my previous separate interviews with them, I always ask them if there would be a chance that both of them will work together in one project. And the chance that we all waiting for is happening now!

Real-life mother-and-son Donny Pangilinan and Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan teamed up for the first time in an Esports-themed movie, "GG"or "GG (Good Game): The Movie." In the said movie, Donny and Maricel also played mother-and-son Seth and Iya who have a touching plot twist in the story.

If this is the first time of Donny and Maricel to work together in one movie project, this is also the first time that Mediaworks, the producer of this film to venture in the production of films in the Philippine cinemas!  

In line with the release of this exciting movie in more than 100 cinemas nationwide, "GG" just had its star-studded red carpet premiere night in the Cinema 2 of SM Megamall on January 23, 2024. Aside from the cast members, brightest celebrities like Andrea Brillantes, Jeremiah Lisbo, Vivoree Esclito, Edward Barbers, Nova Villa, Anthony Jennings and many more stars graced the red carpet. Even the family of Donny like Senator Kiko Pangilinan was also there to show support to his nephew. What more, Donny's onscreen partner Belle Mariano made a surprising appearance in the red carpet! She joined Donny watching the movie!  

Oh well if you missed attending the red carpet premiere night of "GG," here are some of our live video coverage during the event:

Now, let's dive into more details about this movie!

A Barkada Movie Focusing on Esports:

Delve into the riveting realm of competitive barkada gaming like never before, all set against the backdrop of a challenging family environment.

Headlined by sought-after actor Donny Pangilinan — who currently leads the hit Kapamilya series "Can't Buy Me Love" opposite the other half of the #DonBelle tandem, Belle Mariano — this marks the debut of Mediaworks in the filmmaking arena featuring Donny in a whole new character stretching his acting abilities even further.

"GG" writer-director Prime Cruz infuses his touch, drawing from his acclaimed portfolio that includes titles like "Sleepless" (2015); "Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B" (2016), which garnered him the Best Director award at the QCinema Independent Film Festival; and "Isa Pa with Feelings" (2019).

Steering this groundbreaking venture is the talented Hannah Pangilinan, making her mark as a creative producer and co-writer. 

A Touching Mother-And-Son Tandem:

What amplifies the excitement surrounding this new release is the authentic casting choice, as Donny's real-life mother, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, portrays his mother in "GG The Movie." This genuine on-screen dynamic adds a layer of authenticity and emotional depth to their performances, promising audiences an even more compelling viewing experience.

Reflecting on his involvement in this adrenaline-filled project, Donny shares, "It's a thrilling feeling, knowing that something in the works for quite some time will now be shown nationwide. 'GG' is a project that hits very close to home, mainly because I have the honor of acting alongside my mother. The esports aspect, as well as having the Tokwa't Bad Bois (TBB) barkada make this a dream collaboration for me and all involved.”

Donny's on-screen synergy with Maricel further elevates the emotional resonance of GG. She states, "Welcoming the New Year with 'GG' feels like an answered prayer. Working alongside my son, Donny, and our Executive Producer like Anthony Pangilinan and Hannah has been a privilege." 

She acknowledges the invaluable collaboration with esteemed partners such as Create Cinema, Media Quest, Star Cinema, Star Magic, their director Prime Cruz, among others. Maricel also emphasizes, "GG or Good Game is not just for families; it's for the esports community as well, guided by our friends of Metasports, our gaming consultants, along with the Philippines Esports Organization.”

The Cast Members Who Complete a Perfect Story:

  • Baron Geisler is Coach Kurt, an optimistic gaming coach of the "Tokwa’t Bad Bois." He dreams of fulfilling his childhood dream of being a winner through Seth’s team. 
  • Gold Aceron plays Trickz, a street-gang member who looks at pro-gaming as a chance for a better life. 
  • Johannes Risler gives life to Kev, an awkward wanna-be gaming vlogger and streamer, who joins TBB for the boys and the hangs.
  • Igi Boy Flores portrays Joseph (also known as ExtraRice), who is always the hungry hype-boy of TBB. He is also Kev's "best frenemy." 
  • Kaleb Ong is Santino, the TBB co-leader who wants nothing else but to be on the winning team — whatever it might take. 
  • Icebox — mysterious and legendary skilled masked gamer whose identity is their skill. 
  • Boots Anson-Roa and Ronaldo Valdez are the grandparents of our lead character. The movie has been dedicated to the loving memory of Ronaldo Valdez. 

GG is blessed to be supported by amazing cameos including Kuya Kim Atienza, Bigboy Cheng, Ragnarok Legend Jake San Diego, Jake Ejercito, Nicole Borromeo, Anthony Pangilinan, and John Arcilla. Gaming industry practitioners also participated to add authenticity to the esports project.

Multi-awarded singer Moira dela Torre performs the film’s theme song — a special treat\ only to be experienced when the movie rolls out in theaters today, January 24.

The Core Values

This groundbreaking film is anchored by core values of friendship and partnership, respect, innovation, and teamwork (sportsmanship). Furthermore, the project aligns with pivotal objectives: to honor gamers and the gaming industry, produce a world-class production, elevate Philippine industry standards, and bridge familial divides, especially concerning gaming discussions.

Behind the Lens 

Direk Prime's personal affinity for gaming resonates deeply, stating, "Being a gamer myself, I immediately said yes to the project. Combining my passions for gaming and filmmaking is a chance of a lifetime." "GG" is written and directed by Prime Cruz. Hannah Pangilinan serves as co-writer and creative producer, Elaine Lozano as the line producer, and Create Cinema as the producer. The story concept came from Zach Aquino.

This movie is produced by Mediaworks, Cignal Entertainment, and Create Cinema, in collaboration with Smart, Predator Gaming, Acer, Rudy Project, Volvo, and Chatime Philippines. Star Cinema partners as GG’s marketing and distribution arm. The advocacy partner is Called to Rescue Philippines, a non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to anti-trafficking and anti-abuse efforts for our country's youth

So are you ready to catch this movie? Let's go! GG na today in your nearest cinema! By the way, the play date of this movie is as perfect as GG - 1.24.24! Great! 01/24/2024 (TV Series Craze)  


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