'Missed Connections' Starring Kelvin Miranda and Miles Ocampo Official Trailer

Two of today's hottest and versatile young stars Kelvin Miranda and Miles Ocampo paired for the first time in an upcoming Netflix series, 'Missed Connections.' 


Since social media plays a vital role in present generation, the series emphasis this trend in creating a rom-com story that will surely capture everyone's interest. 


Kelvin and Miles on the other hand are on their unique characters in the series - Kelvin being a nerdy guy while Miles is a loud lady in her orange hair.   



In the story, Miles plays a lonely young woman who seeks the help of a website called Missed Connections - a forum that allows people to connect and find each other - to search for a man after what seems to be an unforgettable encounter. Will this website pave way for her to meet the character of Kelvin? 


Well without further ado, here is the official trailer of 'Missed Connections.' Let's all watch this:


Joining Kelvin and Miles in the series are Chie Filomeno and JC Santos. 


'Missed Connection,' an original Netflix series will start streaming on the app this June 2, 2023! 05/09/2023 (TV Series Craze) 


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