LizQuen No More? The Hints of the Liza Soberano - Enrique Gil Breakup Revealed by Ogie Diaz

"Si Quen gusto pa, si Liza ayaw na..."  This is an excerpt from the recent vlog of Ogie Diaz, the former talent handler of now's controversial star Liza Soberano.  

LizQuen, the love team of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil once more trended in the worldwide web just this May 30, 2023 after the rumor of their breakup spread like wild fire. The netizens and the LizQuen fans were talking about their breakup right after they watched the vlog of Ogie Diaz giving the hints of their separation.

Ogie cited that the breakup rumor was rooted from the previous interviews of Liza where the actress didn't anymore mention the name of Enrique. Liza further unveiled on those interviews that she's not in favor of love team. And it seems that she's not anymore proud of her boyfriend Enrique.

The rumor then solidified when Liza didn't post online any birthday message or greetings to the recent birthday of Quen. 

"Isa pang nakadagdag dyan, hindi alam ni Enrique Gil na dumating pala dito si Liza at sinundo siya ng management niya," Ogie added.

Furthermore, the talent manager Ogie shared that Liza's dream to be a Hollywood star may cause the LizQuen's breakup. But he has yet to confirm if there was a third party involved.

Meanwhile, here is the said Ogie Diaz's recent vlog where they discussed the LizQuen breakup. Let's watch this:

 "Sayang, ilang taon din sila, 8 years. Sayang din 'un di ba?"

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil revealed their relationship wayback in 2014 during their first ever teleserye together in lead roles 'Forevermore.' 

The success of the LizQuen tandem followed in another TV series 'Dolce Amore' in 2016, then in a fantasy series 'Bagani' in 2018. Their last team up was in a 2020 series 'Make It with You' which was shot outside the country.

In terms of the big screens, LizQuen starred in the movies namely 'She's the One' (2013), 'Just the Way You Are' (2015), 'Everyday I Love You' (2015), 'My Ex and Whys' (2017), and 'Alone/Together' (2019). 

What can you say about this LizQuen split up issue? While waiting for their confirmation, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on our comment box below or in our other social media platforms. 05/31/2023 (TV Series Craze)

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