Yassi Pressman Plays Twin Sister Kuring and Daphne in TV5's 'Kurdapya' with Marco Gumabao and Nikko Natividad as her Leading Men

For many years, different TV series and movies about twins, triplets, or dual or multiple roles of the lead character were already shown/ Most of them were in the genre of drama, action, or fantasy. But this 2023, TV5 brings this theme on TV but in a comedy genre. 

But what more exciting about this new show is that it is based on a classic hit creation of the legendary Pablo S. Gomez. In the original version, it was the veteran actress Ms. Gloria Romero who played the lead role.

Inline with this new comedy series, we just had a media conference dubbed as the "Twintastic Mediacon," March 9, 2023 at the Studio 4 of TV5 Media Center, Mandaluyong City.  

Those who can’t get enough of multi-talented actress-host Yassi Pressman are in for a double treat this month as Kurdapya, TV5’s “twintastic komediserye ng taon”, presents not one but two Yassi Pressmans in the challenging roles of polar opposites Kuring and Daphne.


Premiering on March 18, the highly-anticipated series follows the journey of two long-lost twins who reunite in a strange accident after living vastly different lives. Kuring grew up in the province with her cruel extended family, while Daphne was raised in the city under the guidance of her strict father who is the CEO of a publishing conglomerate. Both of them feel unhappy with their current realities so their unexpected reunion turns into a twist that will ultimately change their lives.

Exploring the themes on family, love, and self-discovery, Kurdapya also stars Marco Gumabao as Carlos, Kuring's childhood friend and the apple of her eye; Nikko Natividad as the nouveau rich and “jojologin” Tadeo, who was handpicked by Daphne's father to be her suitor; Ryza Cenon as the gold-digging girlfriend of Daphne’s father; Katya Santos as Kuring’s strict and ambitious aunt; Candy Pangilinan as the funny ex-con mom of Kuring and Daphne; and Lander Vera-Perez as the twins’ father.

Meanwhile, here is our live coverage videos and clips during the Kurdapya Twintastic Mediacon.  Let's all watch these:


As the story unfolds, viewers will witness the funny misadventures of Kuring and Daphne as they try to escape their current realities by switching identities, navigate through life's challenges, and come face-to-face with their past. How will the twins learn to overcome their adversities and forge a better future for themselves?

Inspired by Pablo S. Gomez’s popular classic, Kurdapya is sure to bring a double dose of entertainment every Saturday night. Catch the funny yet heartwarming adventures of Yassi Pressman as Kuring and Daphne in Kurdapya, airing every Saturday from 6pm to 7pm starting on March 18 on TV5, with catch-up airings on Sari Sari Channel (Available on Cignal Ch. 3) every Sunday, 8:00 pm starting on March 19. For more updates and the latest news, visit the official social media pages of TV5, Viva Entertainment, and Sari Sari Channel. 03/10/2023 (TV Series Craze)

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