'Martyr Or Murderer' is a Family Drama World-Class Movie | Red Carpet and Review

"It's a Hi-End Movie!" 

This is the first thing that comes on my mind after watching 'Martyr Or Murderer,' the Darryl Yap's sequel to the 2022 blockbuster hit movie 'Maid in Malacañang.'  All the aspects of the movie from technical, cinematography, musical scoring, acting, setting - all hi-end! It's a well-budgeted film with superb story and presentation of historical facts during the Marcos Era after they left the Malacañang Palace. 

Even during the red carpet premiere night on February 27, 2023 held at The Block Cinema at SM City North Edsa, the venue brought us to Morocco as the place transforms into a Moroccan inspired view giving us a world-class ambiance! And yeah, food, fruits and desserts were overflowing!  

Talking about the film, just like in 'Maid in Malacañang,' there is no history revisionism! The movie narrates the story of the Marcoses right after they left the palace. It answers the questions why they left the country, what happen to them during the Aquino regime, and what is the story about Imelda, Ferdinand, and Ninoy during their younger years.  

Yes it's a political inspired film but in my point of view, it's more on a family drama movie! It showcases how the Marcos family help and support one another during the time of trials and challenges. Tears will gradually fall from your eyes after seeing the heavy drama scenes of Cristine Reyes and Cesar Montano as well as the family scene in the hospital on the later part of the movie. 

But aside from those tear-jerking chapters, the movie also put comedy scenes handled by two Malacañang maids Manang Biday and Manang Lucy portrayed by the veteran actresses Ms. Beverly Salviejo  and Ms. Elizabeth Oropesa.

The movie also leaves different quotable and remarkable powerful lines delivered by the lead actors. One of my favorite lines uttered by Apo Lakay Ferdinand Marcos Sr. (Cesar Montano) is "Darating ang Panahon na Hahanapin Nila Ako, Pero Hindi Na Nila Ako Makikita." That scene with Imee (Cristine Reyes) will truly touch your hearts leaving your with tears. And of course, who are still in LSS mode because of the lines "Napakasinungaling Mong Tao" and "Imee, sa Tingin ko Dinaya Ako ni Leni" which trended in social media for a number of days?!   

'Martyr Or Murderer' also gives us lots of surprises and pasabog specially in the last scene when they revealed that Aga Muhlach will play the character of President Bong Bong Marcos (BBM) in the third part of the movie called 'Mabuhay Aloha Mabuhay' (MAM). 

Meanwhile, during the red carpet premiere night of 'Marty Or Murderer,' the lead cast members, directors, and Senator Imee Marcos  graced the event. Other celebrities, personalities, and politicians were spotted supporting the movie.

Here are some of our live video coverage and clips during the movie's red carpet premiere night. Let's all watch these:

 Well-acted, well-crafted, world-class! These three W's perfectly describes #MoM in a nutshell!

Under the direction of Darryl Yap starring Cesar Montano, Ruffa Gutierrez, Isko Moreno, Diego Loyzaga, Jerome Ponce, Marco Gumabao, Cindy Miranda, Ella Cruz, Kyle Velino, Elizabeth Oropesa, Beverly Salviejo, Rose Van Ginkel, Billy Jake Cortez, and Cristine Reyes, 'Martyr Or Murderer' (MoM) is now showing on cinemas nationwide starting on Mach 1. It is co-produced by Viva Films, Vincentiments, and Senator Imee Marcos. 

Have you already watched the movie? Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions here in our website or in our different social media platforms. Another must-see movie and another sure blockbuster hit! 03/04/2023 (TV Series Craze by Runner Rocky)


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