"Bata Pa Si Sabel" is Sexy Yet Deadly | Private Preview & Movie Review

After the success of "Virgin Forest" and "Alapaap,"  the iconic movie director Brillante MA Mendoza teamed up once more with Vivamax for another movie title tribute. This time, he's reliving the 80's classic movie title of Snooky Serna  and Albert Martinez film, "Bata Pa Si Sabel."

Just like his two previous movies with Vivamax, "Bata Pa Si Sabel" is not a remake of the said Snooky Serna movie. Instead, they are using or reliving the same title to pay tribute to that 1981's classic. 

The movie is also the very first movie together of the Raz Sisters of Vivamax namely Stephanie Raz, Micaella Raz, and Angela Morena. Though they are true sisters in real life, in the movie, they didn't play the characters of sisters. Rather, they were given more exciting roles - Micaella as the lead character Sabel, Stephanie as the wife of the politician's son, and Angela as Sabel's best friend with a hidden agenda! 

Yes, this is the launching movie of Micaella following the footsteps of her elder sisters Angela and Stephanie who already did several sexy movies with Vivamax. But unlike the previous movies of her sisters, Micaella was not only launched as a sexy-drama actress, she is also launched as an action star since the movie is also full of action and fight scenes! 

And even though Micaella is a newbie, she perfectly nailed her character as Sabel! She is really very good not only in heavy drama, but also in the different fight scenes during her revenge to the three bad boys! 

Micaella is sexy yet deadly in this movie! From a simple newly-wed girl Sabel, Micaella eventually transforms into a vengeful strong woman Andrea! She seeks justice from her own bloody hands! Her revenge and fight scenes specially with co-star JC Tan truly makes Micaella a very promising and versatile actress! Her rape scene with the three bad guys where she delivers heavy dramatic dialogues  of different emotions truly showcases her talent and acting abilities as an actress! Superb performance!

Meanwhile during our media conference right after our advance private screening of "Bata Pa Si Sabel," Micaella's sisters Angela and Stephanie were of full support with her! They expressed how proud they are with their younger sister! On the other hand, Micaella shared with us the learning and guidance she got from her sisters as well as from their auntie, the former sexy star who is now a veteran actress Ms. Lara Morena. 

Aside from the Raz sisters, the three men in the movie namely Benz Sangalang, Rash Flores, and Chad Solano also unveiled their exciting behind-the-scene stories while filming the movie. They talked about their most challenging scenes in the movie specially the fight and rape scene with Micaella. Rash's revelation of his "hotdog-eating" scene in the movie made the media and audience present during the event go wild! Benz and Chad on the other hand teased the crowd on how they prepare their sexy scenes.

Well without further ado, here are some of our live video coverage and interview during the mediacon. Let's all watch these:

Furthermore, the movie director Reynold Giba added that they supposed to put the veteran actress Snooky Serna as one of the cast members in the movie. He also revealed why they put together the Raz sisters in the movie and not given them to play the roles of sisters. But according to them, they are brewing a new project for the Raz sisters where they will play as sisters! Exciting!

Also part of the cast members of "Bata Pa Si Sabel" are veteran stars namely Katya Santos, Gardo Versoza, Carlene Aguilar, Rey PJ Abellana, and Julio Diaz!   

Under the direction of Reynold Giba from the creative mind of Brillante MA Mendoza, "Bata Pa Si Sabel" will be streaming worldwide this coming Friday, December 2, 2022 only on the Vivamax App! You can also have an early access to watch its advance streaming via the Vivamax Plus!

Again, congratulations to Viva, to the director and creator, and to the whole cast and crew of this movie! This is indeed another must-see original film! Kudos! 11/28/2022 (TV Series Craze)



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