Sean De Guzman and Christine Bermas Shift from Sexy-Thriller to Sexy-Romantic Drama in the Vivamax Original Film, "Relyebo!"

Vivamax is known for bringing us exciting sexy-thriller original films with unexpected plot twist in every story! But in the recent movie "Relyebo," they gave us another 'flavor' which captures our interest!

Sean De Guzman and Christine Bermas, two of the lead stars of the said movie shift from sexy-thriller to sexy-romantic drama. Yeah, we know them mostly playing in the said sexy-thriller genre, but in "Relyebo," they break our expectations!

In the movie, Sean is playing the character of Jimmy, a security guard in an old condominium while Christine is Amor, the good wife of Jimmy working in a pizza store. Jimmy and Amor have a daily routine. They have a good relationship and expected to have their first baby until the 'red hair lady' with a tempting perfume played by Jela Cuenca comes to the scene and seduces Jimmy.    

Oh yes, it's good to know that "Relyebo," is also the second movie together of Sean, Christine, and Jela after the mysterious sexy-thriller movie "Island of Desire" streamed and premiered earlier this year. As expected, the three didn't disappoint us giving us their best 'all-around' steamy sex scenes. But what made "Relyebo" different from their previous films?

First, the movie gives the viewers an unexpected twist - that when we are expecting for a bloody finale, the movie rolls into a romantic 'fairy-tale' like ending! Revenge was set aside and forgiveness ruled the game!

In terms of acting, I love how Christine evolves from being just a sexy actress to a dramatic actress! She nailed every heavy scenes specially the hospital scene and her confrontation scenes with Sean! Her acting prowess is really very much appreciated in this movie! Of course Sean is already given and proven that he truly deserves his acting awards. Jela on the other hand proves her versatility as an actress. She can shift from one role to another - from comedy to drama to villain all with exceptional performance in every character given to her!       

I also love the cinematography of the movie. Yes, the movie is giving us a KDrama vibes with its cinematic view. The papaya scene shot in one of the provinces in the Philippines emphasized the beauty of our country and its natural resources!

And of course during our media conference right after watching the private advance screening of the movie, exciting and controversial questions were answered and clarified by the lead cast Sean and Christine together with their movie directer Crisanto Aquino. Here are our live video coverage and interviews during the mediacon. Let's all watch these:


One of the exciting highlights of our Q&A during the mediacon is that the movie director Crisanto Aquino explained why he emphasize the life story and 'secrets' of a security guard. He also discussed how Sean, Jela, and Christine got their respective roles and how they were picked by Boss Vic Del Rosario of Viva Films!

On the lighter side, Sean De Guzman revealed that prior to joining in showbiz, he dreamed to be a macho dancer! He has macho dancer friends and envy them for earning thousands every night! He also reacts on our exclusive interview about his resemblance with the veteran actor Allan Paule. The two already worked together as father and son in Sean's launching movie, "Anak ng Macho Dancer."

Meanwhile, Christine Bermas shared her learning from Sean specially now that they already worked together in three Vivamax projects! She even described Sean as 'hotdog' being one of the food! And yeah, Christine further unveiled that she has an upcoming project, an action series in Vivamax together with actors Aaron Villaflor and Mark Anthony Fernandez!

Under the direction of Crisanto Aquino reuniting Sean De Guzman, Jela Cuenca, and Christine Bermas in the lead cast, "Relyebo" is now streaming in the Vivamax App since Friday, October 14, 2022! It's another masterpiece must-see original movie from Vivamax! Watch it now and share your thoughts and reviews afterwards! 10/17/2022 (TV Series Craze)              


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