"Tubero" is a Highly Erotic and Romantic Vivamax Movie at the Same Time Bringing the Chemistry of Vince Rillon and Angela Morena!

Erotic and Romantic... Just two of the words that best describe this newest Vivamax original movie "Tubero" which paired for the first time their prime sexy stars Vince Rillon and Angela Morena.

Hearing the title at first sounds intriguing. But if you will watch the full movie, there's a lesson behind the story which will make us believe about true love. And yes, the movie also deals with cheating and infidelity issues which in the end will guide us to learn how to handle such issues leading us to find our true love!

In the movie, Angela plays the character of Paula, an associate teacher and a book writer. She is a dedicated fiance to a playful Logan, the character portrayed by JC Tan. To spice up their relationship since Logan finds Paula boring in bed, Paula hired a plumber. She met Gimo, the character of Vince who is a plumber and an all-around construction worker. Gimo unleashed the 'wildness' of Paula. He helped Paula fix her 'on the rock' relationship with Logan. Until an unexpected twist took place and a secret unveiled changing the lives of Paula, Logan, and Gimo!          

Though this is the very first time that Vince and Angela work together in a Vivamax project, their natural chemistry as a pair outshines! Oh yeah, they are perfect together not only in bed scenes or heavy dramas, but also in romcom or love story as well!

Angela is another revelation in the movie. I used to know her being a sexy 'comedianne' in most of her roles in Vivamax projects such as in the series "High on Sex" and in the recent movie "5 in 1" playing light roles. But in this film "Tubero," Angela nailed the character of Paula - she is also effective in terms of heavy drama and serious roles! She is indeed another dramatic actress in the making!

Vince on the other hand surpassed our expectations! He could play different roles with flying colors! And this time, the role of a plumber Gimo fits him well again just like his previous roles from his past movies. Vince is not only good in bed or sex scenes, he is also good being a dramatic actor! His acting skill is very much appreciated in this movie specially his different confrontation scenes with Angela!   

What more, the ending of the movie gives us a KDrama vibes! You wouldn't expect the twist that awaits in the finale of the movie!     

Well to avoid spoiling you more about this movie, let me now share with you our live video coverage and exclusive interviews with the cast and director of "Tubero" during media conference right after our private screening. And here they go:


Aside from Vince Rillon and Angela Morena, the other supporting cast members of "Tubero" add more spice to the movie! JC Tan was didn't left behind in terms of acting and sexy scenes with Angela and Vince. The two sexy ladies Alona Navarro and Jem Milton were also 'all-out' in terms of erotic bed scenes! And of course the two newly launched Vivamax hunks PJ Rosario and Roi Alonte proved themselves not only in bed but also in light dramatic scenes.         

Meanwhile during our Q&A, the movie director Topel Lee revealed how he composed the story. He shared with us the inspiration in making some of the 'unforgettable' scenes in the movie. One of the media people during our mediacon teased him that he loves watching Japanese porn!     

"Tubero," one of the Vivamax' highly erotic and one of the naughtiest movie is now streaming worldwide in the Vivamax app. And as of this writing, "Tubero" now took the No. 1 spot as the Most Watched Vivamax Movie of the Week in the app! Congrats to the team!

So what are you waiting for?! Watch it now and let me know your thoughts and reviews afterwards. Enjoy! 10/24/2022 (TV Series Craze)  


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