Vivamax Original Film "The Escort Wife" is a Showdown of Acting and Sexiness Between Lead Stars Janelle Tee and Ava Mendez | Movie Review & Private Preview

Heavy drama with a twist of 'sex' and thriller! This is how we can describe in a nutshell the newest Vivamax original film offering "The Escort Wife" which stars Raymond Bagatsing, Ava Mendez, and Janelle Tee. The movie isn't the usual sexy film we used to know since the lead stars in the movie excel not only in terms of sexiness or daring scenes, but also in terms of acting! Acting wise, both of them were superb!    

"The Escort Wife" tells the story of a housewife Patricia played by Janelle and her doctor husband Roy portrayed by Raymond. Because of her condition after miscarriage, Patricia was advised to stay home for months. She and her doctor husband rarely have sex. She got bored at home until she discovered something through watching from her neighbor's window!   

Patricia's neighbor is Chrissy played by Ava. Chrissy has multiple intimate encounters with different men. Until one day, Patricia decided to take Chrissy's place as form of revenge for her husband! 

During our media media conference right after watching the movie's private advance screening, the lead actresses Janelle and Ava together with their movie director Paul Basinillo talked about the unexpected twist they put on the movie. The actresses shared how the veteran actor Raymond Bagatsing helped them did the intimate scenes in the movie as well as how they will attack the roles since it's a heavy drama at the same time. They also shared their insights if one point or another, they will take the roles of Patricia and Chrissy in real life.


On the other hand, the director Paul Basinillo revealed why most of the scenes specially those intimate scenes have catchy musical backgrounds. Yes, this is the first time that Direk Paul directed a sexy-drama movie since most of his directorial jobs were for concerts and music videos. And yeah, he is the man behind Sarah Geronimo's iconic smash his "Tala!"         

Well, here are our full coverage live videos during the mediacon. Let's all watch this:


Meanwhile, to check out more of our photos taken during the event, visit our official Facebook page via this album: The Escort Wife Private Advance Screening and Media Conference Photo Gallery.

In the movie, we can see the great improvement of Janelle Tee in terms of acting. Her acting prowess gradually evolve since the last time we saw her in her previous Vivamax movies. Her confrontation scenes with the veteran actor Raymond Bagatsing are so perfect that we can't identify her as newbie in the showbiz industry. Janelle is a beauty queen turns Vivamax sexy actress and already appeared on different Vivamax movies namely "Putahe," "Kinsenas, Katapusan," "Secrets," and "Pusoy." Soon, she will lead in a new Vivamax series, "Anna."    

 A Showdown of Ava & Janelle

Raymond Bagatsing in a Daring Role

The Behind-the-Scene Photo of the Movie Poster

On the other hand, Ava Mendez is full blown on this movie! She's 'all the way' showing and giving all her sexy moves! But of course in terms of acting, she is never left behind! Her scenes with co-star Janelle Tee seems a showdown of acting and sexiness! Aside from "The Escort Wife," Ava also appeared in the recent Vivamax movie "#DoYouThinkIAmSexy" starring Cloe Barreto, Chloe Jenna, and Marco Gomez.        

Aside from Raymond, Ava, and Janelle, other stars in the movie are Jourdanne Castillo, Katya Santos, Bob Jbeili, and new comer Yves Santiago who played the character of James, the bestfriend of Roy who had an intimate affair with Roy's wife Patricia!

Janelle Tee is Stunning in Green During the Premiere Night

Ava Mendez Tells All During the One-on-One Interview

Janelle Tee Answering Intriguing Questions

"The Escort Wife" is another must-see movie from Viva Films and it premiered on September 16, 2022 on the Vivamax app. As of this writing, the movie is now the No. 1 most streamed movie in the app.

If you want another sexy-thriller movie with a twist and heavy drama, do watch and check out "The Escort Wife." Feel free to share us your thoughts and comments about this movie after watching it! Enjoy! 09/19/2022 (TV Series Craze) 


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