Supportive Friend! Darren Espanto Features KDLex on the Music Video of his Latest Song "Pabalik Sa'yo!" KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad Showcase their Dramatic Side on the MV!

"Minsan director, minsan third wheel…"

This is how Darren Espanto captioned his recent IG post with the well-loved loveteam KDLex. 

Well just today, August 31, 2022, the young heartthrob singer Darren Espanto spreads love and kilig to social media after posting behind-the-scene photos and videos of him together with KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad. In one of the photos, KD and Alexa were seen having their sweet quality time together. It was then followed by some video clips taken from Darren's music video of his latest single "Pabalik Sa'yo" where the reel and real loveteam was featured.   

Aside from the sweetness and kilig factor brought by the IG post, Darren added some humor to his post when he shared some of his photos with KDLex where he seems playing a third wheel to the couple!

His full caption then reads:

"Minsan director, minsan third wheel…

If you haven’t yet, check out the music video for ‘Pabalik Sa’yo out now on YouTube! Thank you these two friends of mine who were so easy and fun to work with! 🙏🏻❤️ #PabalikSayoMV"  

And of course, here is the said full Instagram post of Darren with KD and Alexa which truly poured love on a rainy Wednesday morning:


Meanwhile talking about this new official music video of Darren's song "Pabalik Sa'yo," KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad unlocked another milestone. Yeah, the lovebirds showcased their dramatic side! We all know that KD and Alexa were so lovely and romantic in most of their projects. We have seen them in a fun rom-com and light drama via the series "Run To Me" where they made as laugh. But here in Darren's MV, KDLex showed us that they can also be effective in heavy dramas and more matured projects. In my own words to describe them, "kitang kita mo talaga 'ung galing nila as actors and hindi sila pabebe or pa-cute lang. They can truly nailed serious roles! Mark my words, they are the next big stars of the Kapamilya network. 'Ung acting at 'ung galing nila, pang superstars talaga! They can be the next Rico-Claudine, CocoJul, KathNiel, or LizQuez (can you see their common denominator why I compare KDLex to them?)    

But wait, here is the said official music video of Darren Espanto's "Pabalik Sa'yo" featuring KD and Alexa. Let's watch this and see it yourself:


Talking about friendship, before KD Estrada came to Alexa Ilacad's life, Darren and Alexa are really good friends. They are supporting each other. Their friendship is also genuine. They are also supporting each others' projects. And now that KD is with Alexa, Darren also shows his full support to the couple. This music video is one of the concrete proofs!

Once more, congratulations Darren and KDLex not only with this song and music video, but also of your true and genuine friendship! Keep up the good work guys and stay strong! We're always here for you! 08/31/2022 (TV Series Craze)           

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