Watch: Nanon Korapat's Thai Horror Film "SLR" Full Trailer

After the success of his first BL series "Bad Buddy Series"  pairing him for the first time to his close friend Ohm Pawat, Thai young superstar Nanon Korapat leads in the newest 2022 Thai horror film, "SLR." 

The movie just shown in theaters on April 21 and had its grand red carpet premiere in Thailand attended by the brightest Thai stars including  Nanon's friends like Ohm Pawat, Chimon Wachirawit, Drake Laedeke, and their other co-actors in GMMTV.

"SLR"  tells the story of Dan (Nanon), a photography major student who has been working on his thesis with professor Aim(On) for years, but he can't complete it yet. One day, professor Aim gave an SLR camera to him for shooting the best work and sending it to him. Dan is about to find out that it's a test of an evil camera, which gives him no way to run away. He has to choose between following or fighting with it. And he is going to let Nam (Cherprang), his girlfriend, and his friend, Great (Nont), to join in this horrendous fate, surrounding by death from this hell-like camera.

Here is the full trailer of the movie:


Joining Nanon in the movie in the main roles are Cherprang Areekul who is playing his girlfriend Nam, On Nophand Boonyai as his professor Aim, and Nont Sadanont Durongkavarojana portraying the character of his bestfriend Great.

Do you know that before OhmNanon, the tandem of Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat in the BL series "Bad Buddy Series," Ohm Pawat is first paired to Nont Sadanont? Yes, Ohm and Nont were BL couple in the 2019 BL movie "Dew The Movie!" Great to know that Ohm's past and present romance worked together in this movie!

Meanwhile, here are some of the official posters "SLR." Let's check these out:


The movie once more proves the versatility of Nanon Korapat as an actor! He is so effective not only in a BL-themed series, but in a horror flick and mystery projects like this movie and their previous hit series "The Gifted"  and "The Gifted Graduation."   

Have you already watched the movie? Feel free to share us your thoughts and reviews about it! Once more, congratulations Nanon for another successful project! Keep it up! 05/04/2022 (TV Series Craze)


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