Alexa Ilacad to KD Estrada: "My Fairytale Come True!"

Fairytale do come true... And this is true to our Breakout Loveteam, the KDLex!

KD Estrada celebrated his 20TH birthday on May 3. And as expected, our hearts were filled by love and kilig by the sweet and sincere message of Alexa Ilacad  to KD.

On her official Instagram account, Alexa posted sweet photos of her together with boyfie KD with a caption of "My fairytale come true. Happy birthday 🤍"

The said birthday greetings post of Alexa to KD immediately received thousands of likes, comments, and reactions from the KDLex lovers and supporters including from the celebrity personalities Jake Galvez and Mickey See.  

But what pour more kilig and love to Alexa's post is KD's reply. Short but meaningful, KD replied: "thank you my angel 🤍"

Here is the lovely convo of the lovebirds making us smile and fall inlove all-day long:


Meanwhile, here is the said sweet birthday message post of Alexa to KD: 


The birthday post of Alexa to KD and KD's reply to his love once more proves how genuine the love of KDLex to each other. On and Off cam, you can really feel how they love one another. They are not doing it for fan service, but they really mean it! Their friendship, their love for each other are true and genuine! That's why I so love this couple! They were definitely one of the most successful reel and real loveteam the Kapamilya network ever produced! Thanks as well to Big Brother for letting these two meet!

Talking more about KDLex upcoming projects, aside from their first ever series "Run To Me," KD and Alexa landed more projects and brand endorsements like the recent Sky Fiber where their tutorial video in TikTok went viral. Moreover, after Alexa's Star Magic Slay, KD on the other will also be introduced on its Flex version.

Again, happiest birthday KD Estrada! I know you really had your most memorable and happiest birthday this year! More and more projects to you both KD and Alexa! Cheers! 05/04/2022 (TV Series Craze)

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