OhmNanon's "Bad Buddy Series" Steps to Its Final Episode This Friday!

"Bad Buddy Series," the current hit Thai BL series from GMMTV starring Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat is set to shock the viewers this coming Friday, January 21, 2022 as the series step to Episode 12, the final chapter!

On Episode 11 last week, love filled the air as the characters of Ohm and Nanon as Pat and Pran spent lovely days together in the eco-friendly beach away from their rival toxic families. The said episode also broke the so-called 'Episode 11 Curse' in a Thai BL series as we witnessed lovely moments of PatPran instead of the typical break up scenes.

But it seems that the curse was moved to Episode 12, its ending episode after the teaser of the finale was shown in the ending credit of the series. In the teaser, Pat and Pran already broke up and moved on their separate lives. The two together with their former rival friends reunited in their batch' reunion.

Here is the said teaser of "Bad Buddy Series"  Episode 12 which truly broke many of the OhmNanon shippers. Let's all watch this:


After the airing of the said teaser, many theories about the "Bad Buddy Series" were posted on the worldwide. Some said, it will be a hurtful sad ending. But many still hoping for a lovely happy ending as expected to all the works of its director P'Aof. Viewers were also waiting for the endgame of their ships to the other side couples like Ink and Pat and Korn and Wai. 

Meanwhile, "Bad Buddy Series" and OhmNanon BL couple proved their supremacy in our recently concluded 12TH TV Series Craze Awards 2021 as it won major international awards such as the International (Thai) BL Couple  for OhmNanon, Favorite International (Thai) Artist for Nanon Korapat, and International (Thai) BL Series of the Year for "Bad Buddy Series."

Friday will definitely never be the same again as this series comes to its ending. We will truly miss "Bad Buddy Series" and our well-loved OhmNanon couple! 

On the other hand, what's your thought about Episode 12 of "Bad Buddy Series?" Feel free to share it here in our comment section! 01/19/2022 (TV Series Craze)

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