Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz Unfollow Each Other in IG After Seth Fedelin and Francine's Photos Leaked!

SethDrea no more?! Will it be FranSeth in the coming days?!

Netizens got shocked after the photos of Seth Fedelin together with the family of Francine Diaz leaked in social media. In the said photos, Seth was warm-welcomed by Francine's family in a particular celebration. The photos immediately trended in the world-wide web!

The fire kept on burning when Andrea Brillantes posted on his IG story a hurtful song "Pano" by Zack Tabudlo. And she immediately unfollowed Francine on Instagram. It was also observed by the netizens that Andrea only unfollowed Francine but not Seth!

Hours after, Francine also unfollowed Andrea on Instagram. Netizens suspected that Andrea blocked Francine that's why Andrea's username was not seen in Francine's IG.

Here is the full story of Francine-Seth-Andrea love triangle. Let's all watch this:

It is also believed that Francine was the 'mystery' person Seth was referring to on his New Year's Eve Live saying "alam mo na kung sino ka!" Here is the said New Year's eve live of Seth:  

What can you say about this livestream of Seth? Do you think she is referring to Francine?


Meanwhile, what can you think about the real score between Seth and Francine? 

Andrea unfollowed Francine!

Francine unfollowed Andrea!

Is this also the end of Francine and Andrea's friendship which started in their hit daytime series "Kadenang Ginto?"  What will also happen to their group The Gold Squad?

SethDrea and KyCine or Seth, Andrea, Kyle, and Francine just recently worked together in the primetime series "Huwag Kang Mangamba!"  The said series was also held as the Overall Best Primetime TV Series of 2021 here in our very own 12TH TV Series Craze Awards. 01/14/2022 (TV Series Craze) 

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