TV Series Craze 12: Our Inspiring Story, Solid at 12 Years Now!

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This is actually the motto of this blog which evolves through time, for 12 solid years now.  Yes, I'm happy to announce that this blog, one my my very first blogs with an entertainment niche is celebrating its 12TH Year Anniversary this coming April 2021.  And yes, I'm proud to say that this blog, my very own TV Series Craze is one of the very first entertainment blog sites in the blogging community that remains strong and until now, still standing  and continuously gaining fame and recognition from the different entities.  OK without further ado, let me share with you a quick success story of this entertainment blog - my humble beginning as a blogger and how I grow as a successful influencer not only in the field of blogging but also in the world of vlogging and social media!

I, known now as Rocky or Runner Rocky started as a blogger in March 15, 2008 writing my personal blog as Bits of Rocks. And since I love to watch different TV series and teleseryes back then, I started to create another blog which tackles mostly about TV series. Hence in April 19, 2009, this blog TV Series Craze was born! And on the same date, my very first article in this blog which is about the PH adaptation of the hit Koreanovela or KDrama which is "Only You" starring Angel Locsin, Diether Ocampo, and Sam Milby was published!  

I continue to write and publish different articles about TV series both the currently airing and the past TV series that I've watched. I provide updates to my readers about the trending series, what to look forward on the next chapters, important and exciting facts about the series, and the highlights and spotlights about the stars, celebrities, and personalities in their favorite TV series. On the same year in 2009, I even made my page more exciting and more captivating. I even designed the first logo and banner of this blog making it more appealing to the readers and netizens. Until this blog gained and received more and more viewers and followers!   

The 2009 Banner Art and Logo of TV Series Craze

The 2010 Banner Art and Logo of TV Series Craze

The growth of this blog continues in 2010. It dominates more hearts and more territories. I even redesigned its logo and banner artwork capturing more attentions and interests. Until I launched my very first TV Series Craze Awards before the 2010 year end. The said award, my very own award keep on growing and growing and was well-recognized not only by the stars and celebrities plus their followers but of the country's giant networks! It was even featured on national TV in 2016  which further proves its dominance!  Below are two of the video clips that feature the TV Series Craze Awards in the national television by one of the giant networks in the country:  

Because of the fame and popularity gained by TV Series Craze. I started to receive invites from the different TV networks, well-known brands, and top of the line PR firms in 2012 to attend their presscons, media conferences, blogcons, premiere nights, product launches, and premiere nights! I even got the chance to meet, interview and interact with the different celebrities and personalities both local and international.

The growth and success of TV Series Craze continues. It even got its own domain in 2015. The blog page design and logo further develop and improve! The topics the blog cover also expand and not only limited to TV series but also in the different forms of entertainment! The other blog sites which also started the same year with TV Series Craze were not anymore exist! 

In January 2019, the 10TH year of this blog also launched the official YouTube Channel of TV Series Craze. Up to now, the said channel continues to grow and gain more and more followers!

The 2014 Official Logo of TV Series Craze

The 2019 Official Logo of TV Series Craze

Now we are 12 years old and counting! More and more surprises and innovations are set for my readers and viewers! The success of this blog site - my own success and growth as a blogger, vlogger, and influencer is the inspiring story that I want to share ti my readers. Hope that I inspire you in many or different ways to continue and pursue your passion! Yes, blogging, writing, and doing videos are only my hobbies and passions which lift me up on top of my regular job and profession.  

Congrats to us guys! Let's cheers for more success! 03/19/2021 (TV Series Craze)


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