Jessica Sanchez Continues the Christmas Celebration in "The Clash"

The Clash continues its Christmas celebration with a special opening performance by the Top 7 and American Idol Season 11 Grand Finalist Jessica Sanchez!

Then the competition begins with the second half of the Top 8 battling with their renditions of their favorite Christmas songs.  

Tonight’s Christmas themed Isa Laban sa Lahat will feature Antonette, Janina, Nef, and Thea! 

Only three will advance to the Top 6 together with last night’s winners Aljon, Jeniffer, and Jeremiah.

Don’t miss tonight’s episode as the results will be one of the most unexpected and heartbreaking.

Even the Clash Panel were down (AiAi in tears) after the competition! 

This is The Clash.  Isa laban sa lahat! 11/30/2019 (TV Series Craze)

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