TV Series Craze Takes Part in GMA's Campaign Against Cyberbullying #HeartOverHate

For the second time around, TV Series Craze took part in GMA's yearly activity called the GMA Bloggers Style Camp. This is a collaborative project of the chosen top bloggers and vloggers from the entertainment, lifestyle, and fashion niches who worked together with the Kapuso stars. 

Our first year with this project was in 2015 wherein we worked with the GabRu (Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid) loveteam and our team won in the said competition with the theme of saving the environment. That year was also the year when this project was first launched.

Two years after, we worked again with BSC. And this time, the theme is "Heart Over Hate," an online campaign of the Kapuso network against cyberbullying. 

Just like last year, the bloggers and artists were divided into two competing teams fighting against cyberbullying. It was a battle between the male and female GMa artists. But this year, two competing teams working with the same artists.  

The "Super Ma'am"  stars namely Kim Domingo, Meg Imperial, and Matthias Rhoads were the subject of the team's poster. 

And this is the product of Team Rainbow, our team:

And below are the individual posters of the three featured Kapuso celebrities with their corresponding anti-cyberbullying campaign:

Kim Domingo

Matthias Rhoads

Meg Imperial

"Speak Up and Unleash the Hero in You. Use your Heart to Stop Cyberbullying!" This is our team's campaign against online bullying. 

See you against next year for another exciting edition of the GMA Bloggers' Style Camp. Congratulations to all the winners! 10/28/2017 (TV Series Craze)

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