Girl Group Lemonade Beats the Filipino Boyband JBK Making Nicole Scherzinger Walks Out in the X Factor UK

JBK, a trio composed of Joshua Bulot, Bryan del Rosario, and Kim Lawrenz Ordonio, is the first Filipino boyband who made it to the show.

During their room auditions, the judges were all impressed not only with their vocals but also with their dedication flying all the way from the Philippines.

The boyband’s cheesy rendition of “I’ll Make Love To You” was well received by the audience and the judges, especially when the high notes were hit on spot.

“Wow, guys! You’ve got a great reaction on that song, your vocals are great, I just think it’s a no-brainer with you guys.” Said judge Sharon Osbourne after the group’s performance.

Nicole Scherzinger gave nothing but praises to the group. “JBK, I’m so proud of you boys, my Filipino brothers up there! I’m proud that you flew all the way from the Philippines ‘coz you are not flying back home!”

The crowd then chanted for Simon Cowell to give the group a seat.

Before Simon made a decision, judge Louis Walsh told him that the group absolutely deserve a seat. 

To which he responded that he made up his mind. “You are not gonna be disappointed, you’re gonna have a seat!”

The trio, who was anxiously waiting for Simon’s decision, curled up in great shock and was almost in tears after hearing what he said. Judges Louis and Nicole were both very happy with them getting a seat. The duo Afro Swagg was asked to give up their seat for JBK.

Later on, Simon asked JBK and girl group Lemonade for a sing-off, which was apparent that Nicole Scherzinger was against.

After the JBK’s performance of “I Can Love You Like That”, originally by the group All-4-One,  they received a standing ovation from Nicole, Sharon and Louis. Even after the Lemonade’s performance, Louis Walsh kept on telling Simon to pick the boys. “JBK, they have to go through!” he added.

After choosing the girl group Lemonade, the crowd booed Simon Cowell, and Nicole Scherzinger stood up from her seat, walked out, and told him not to talk to her.

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