Brand New Seasons of the Hit Series 'Elementary' and 'Scorpion' Premiere This October

RTL CBS Entertainment brings the latest seasons of hit series ELEMENTARY and SCORPION to audiences in the region. The fifth season of ELEMENTARY starring Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller in the modern retelling of the classic Sherlock Holmes story premieres on primetime October 12, Wednesday at 9:55pm (8:55pm JKT/BKK). Starring Elyes Gabel and Katharine McPhee, SCORPION season 3 airs its first episode last October 4, Tuesday at 9:00pm (8:00pm JKT/BKK), first and exclusive on RTL CBS Entertainment, same day as the US. 

Aside from saving the world from the biggest technological threats, there are so many things to look forward to with Scorpion’s latest season.  At the recent 2016 Comic-Con event, Scorpion season 3 executive producer Nicholas Wootton revealed that the upcoming season will be packed with action and emotion-filled episodes, not to mention more mind-blowing revelations.  The producer added that the characters will take a massive personal turn while Happy's revelation about her previous marriage will agitate the team.  Scorpion season 3 will tackle Walter's pursuit for emotional maturity. 

Storylines for this new season include Cabe’s new love interest, as well as on Ralph’s role as a translator for a boy with autism who can't speak; plus the developments on Walter and Paige’s blossoming relationship. 

In the Season 4 finale of Elementary, Morland Holmes became the new leader of Moriarty’s syndicate, fired his team of henchmen, and left for England—not before promising Sherlock that the group would withdraw from New York.  Some serious questions have left us hanging.  Was that the last we saw of Morland?  Will Sherlock ever get past the things his father has said? (TV Series Craze)


SCORPION, inspired by a true story, is a high-octane drama about eccentric genius Walter O’Brien and his team of brilliant misfits, who are the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats of the modern age. As Homeland Security’s new think tank, O’Brien’s Team Scorpion includes Toby Curtis an expert behaviorist who can read anyone; Happy Quinn, a mechanical prodigy; and Sylvester Dodd, a statistics guru. Pooling their extensive technological knowledge to solve mind-boggling predicaments amazes federal agent Cabe Gallo, who shares a harrowing history with O’Brien. However, while this socially awkward group is comfortable with one another’s humor and quirks, life outside their circle confounds them, so they rely on Paige Dineen, who has a young, gifted son, Ralph, to translate the world for them. At last, these quirky masterminds have found the perfect job: a place where they can apply their exceptional brainpower to solve the nation’s crises while also helping one another learn how to fit in.  Scorpion stars Elyes Gabel, Robert Patrick, Katharine McPhee, Jadyn Wong, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Ari Stidham and Riley B. Smith. (TV Series Craze)


ELEMENTARY stars Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson in a modern-day drama about a crime-solving duo that cracks the NYPD’s most impossible cases. Initially sober companion and client, Watson and Holmes' relationship evolved into a symbiotic professional investigative partnership, until he chose to end their association and accept a job with MI6 in London. Upon Holmes' return, he learned Watson started her own detective agency and was the NYPD’s primary consultant, working regularly with Captain Thomas Gregson and Detective Marcus Bell. Further complicating their relationship was Holmes’ new enigmatic protégé, Kitty. While still drawn into one another’s investigations and lives, the duo mostly worked apart, until an adversary from Kitty’s past caused them to join forces to apprehend her enemy. When Kitty departed, the duo strived to repair their partnership and friendship, but ghosts from their pasts threatened their reconciliation. Watson was unmoored by the murder of her boyfriend at the hands of her criminal nemesis, while Sherlock was subjected to a series of machinations by a former associate that caused him to relapse and end three years of sobriety. Now, Holmes and Watson must rely upon one another to rebuild their lives, all while withstanding the untimely return of Sherlock’s estranged father, Morland Holmes.

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