"The Millionaire's Wife" is GMA-7's Another Controversial TV Series!

Beginning March 14, the story of The Millionaire’s Wife unfolds on GMA Afternoon Prime

It is a story about one woman’s crucial decision to settle in a marriage of convenience with an older man, and its subsequent consequences involving her step-daughter, her step-daughter’s children, her lovechild and her lovechild’s father.

Andrea Torres is The Millionaire’s Wife. She will breathe life to the character of Louisa Ignacio, a hardworking single mother who lives for her son. Louisa will do everything for her son; even marry a rich old man. She vows to take care, to serve and to be a loyal and dutiful wife to him in exchange of all the help he is giving her son who has juvenile diabetes. 

Portraying the character of Louisa is Andrea’s most mature role to date and she is very excited to take on the role. “It’s the most mature role that I’ve done pati ‘yun story, it’s very different. Kaya nga sobrang laking bagay sa akin na nakuha ko ito kasi nung nabasa ko ang script, ang story parang hindi ko pa siya napapanood sa TV tapos ako yung napili para gawin siya, nakaka-excite talaga.”

Mike Tan is Ivan Meneses. He is willing to do everything for his loved ones especially Louisa. They both have loved each other until an illegal job caused Ivan to go to jail not knowing he got Louisa pregnant. All the while, Louisa thought that Ivan had abandoned her. Eventually, he finds out that he has a son with Louisa and will do anything to win her and their son back.  

For Mike, playing the role of Ivan is far from the characters he portrayed in the past and this is one of the things viewers should watch out for. “Ang kailangan nilang abangan kung papaano tatatak si Ivan sa mga manunood. Kung papaano niya ipaglalaban ang pagmamahal niya kay Louisa at doon sa anak nila.”

Louisa, a devoted mother that she is, started raising her child alone and worked as a nurse at a hospital until she was hired to be a private nurse of Alfredo ‘Fred’ Vergara played by Robert Arevalo, after he went into a stroke. Fred is a widower and one of the richest businessmen in the country who owns the biggest food manufacturing company, Nourish Food Corp. 

Fred, being the longing individual that he was, found compassion in Louisa and offered her marriage for companionship against his family’s approval.

Jaclyn Jose is Stella Vergara-Montecillo, Alfredo’s spoiled unica hija. Stella knows how to spend her money but she doesn’t know how to earn it.

Sid Lucero is Jared Montecillo, Stella’s son. He is an underachiever and his life is all about gambling, alcohol and women. 

Ina Raymundo is Allison Montecillo, Stella’s only daughter who runs her grandfather’s company. She is business savvy and her goal is always to be on top.

The one who is Louisa’s constant support is Rio Samson played by Rich Asuncion. She is Louisa’s best friend and confidante. 

Find out how Louisa will live her life as the millionaire’s wife. Will she be able to fulfill her vows to Fred? Will the plans of Stella, Jared and Allison in ruining Louisa’s life be successful? How far will Ivan go to win back Louisa?
The intriguing and controversial story of The Millionaire’s Wife premieres March 14 and will air Monday to Friday after Hanggang Makita Kang Muli on GMA Afternoon Prime. (TV Series Craze)

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