Boy Bunda Talks with Award-Winning Actors About Intense Preparationsand Dream Roles on "Inside the Cinema Circle"

Boy Abunda sits down and talks to five of the most competent and chameleon-like character actors in the country –Eula Valdes, Sid Lucero, Baron Geisler, Meryll Soriano, and Ricky Davao about their intense preparations to land a role of a lifetime, their dream roles, and more in Cinema One’s “Inside The Cinema Circle.”
In the latest episode, Boy Abunda fleshes out how character actors prepare and portray for complex, daring roles both on mainstream and indie films and how they achieve winning acting moments that propelled them to reap acting awards in their careers.
Aside from a rich discussion about their filmography, Boy Abunda gets up close and personal about the award-winning actors who gamely revealed the things they did for love, such as if they have used their acting skills to make someone fall for them.
Eula, Sid, Baron, Meryll, and Ricky also share their thoughts on being character actors and the biggest lesson they have learned in showbiz. 
Cinema One’s “Inside The Cinema Circle” aims to bring to viewers an informative discussion about Philippine cinema by bringing together personalities who have made a mark in the industry.
Catch another informative and entertaining episode of Cinema One’s “Inside The Cinema Circle” with Boy Abunda tonight at 7:30PM. Replays will be every Saturday at 2:30AM and 12:30PM and on Sundays at 10:30PM this July.
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