90 Creators Join ABS-CBN's "Chicken Pork Adobo," A Multi-Channel Network for Next Online Stars

ABS-CBN, the country's largest multimedia conglomerate, recently launched its multi-channel network called “Chicken Pork Adobo” to boost its online content and build a roster of personalities with innovative ideas that will attract the fast-growing online audiences.  

“’Chicken Pork Adobo’ is the platform where we empower creators who may not have a chance to go on TV. ‘Chicken Pork Adobo’ democratizes it for everyone by harnessing and gathering all of them, and for them to leverage on each others’ strengths. We want to showcase the Filipino talent to the world, not only to Filipino audiences,” said Donald Lim, head of ABS-CBN Digital Media Division.

As of now, “Chicken Pork Adobo” has 90 creators whose channels on YouTube tackle a variety of topics: toys, fashion, comedy, music, lifestyle, vlogs, entertainment, arts and crafts, food, parenting, and inspirational.

As proven by the mid-year 2014 data from the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), more and more Filipinos are consuming content online. According to IMMAP, 38 million Filipinos are Internet users, two-thirds of which are under 30 years old. 

Recognizing that TV may not be the only platform to reach ABS-CBN’s target audiences, Lim said “Chicken Pork Adobo” is meant to help online content creators make a mark in the digital space and help them become superstars “in whatever way or form.”

These creators, produce their own material on a regular basis and sometimes let their fans into their own private lives. 

“They have different niches, personalities, and material that won’t make it on TV, but on YouTube they are popular, spectacular, fascinating, and have their own following,” Lim said.

“ABS-CBN is the master of content, but being the master doesn’t mean we want to produce all the content. We can also empower people so we just curate the content,” he added.

One of Chicken Pork Adobo’s creators is actress Melissa Ricks, who recently launched her own YouTube channel dedicated to parenting. Her first video documents her experience with her daughter Kiera joining a pictorial contest, showing Melissa’s foray into motherhood.

 Another is “It’s Showtime” host Eric “Eruption” Tai, who showcases his dancing skills, often backed up by dance group XB Gensan, and sometimes lets his fans on his workout routines.

But “Chicken Pork Adobo” does not just sign up celebrities already known in the industry, but also those who have already gained a following or are known for their unique appeal.

The multi-channel network’s most subscribed and most viewed channel is Kids’ Toys that feature sisters Faye and Laurice Tendilla unboxing toys that range from doll houses and action figures to ice cream makers and play sets. Launched in May 2012, Kids’ Toys already has 1.14 million subscribers and has amassed almost 1.5 billion views.

“Chicken Pork Adobo’s” creators also include famous YouTuber Lloyd Cadena, who gained popularity for his funny videos about love and school and parody videos; “The Soshal Network,” which features three lawyers commenting on anything and everything under the sun by poking fun at themselves, and “Plump Pinay,” headlined by Cai Cortez, who advocates being comfortable in one’s own skin and body acceptance. 

Dennis Lim, head of ABS-CBN Digital Media Services, said “Chicken Pork Adobo” is aiming to sign up more creators who have something original, exciting, and interesting to share online.

“Our main criteria for recruiting creators is first, they have to be passionate. It’s important for creators to be passionate in what they do because it’s hard to come up with new content on a regular basis. They have to like what they do,” he said. 

Interested creators may e-mail chickenporkadobo@abs-cbn.com. For updates, visit “Chicken Pork Adobo Network” on Facebook and chickenporkadobo.net. (TV Series Craze)

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