Asian Superstar Rain Pours Love This Summer via "My Lovely Girl"

Fall in love this summer as ABS-CBN, the first and true home of Asianovelas, unfolds two different stories of love that will make your hearts skip a beat every weekday and weeknight.

Asian superstar Rain returns to Primetime Bida with his much-awaited television comeback as Henry via the Korean drama “My Lovely Girl.”

A CEO of a talent agency that scouts and trains idols, Henry has devoted his life to music. His world suddenly stops and his rhythm goes off beat when he personally witnesses the love of his life died in a car crash. 

Just as when hope seems so far away, things start to become in tune once again when he meets Celine, a young woman with a dream and a gifted songwriter. Will the two make good music together? Is Celine the answer to Henry’s broken heart even if she is his ex-girlfriend’s estranged sister?
Meanwhile, hit Koreanovela “Let’s Get Married” brings in both fun and romance in the afternoon as it follows the love story of two people with opposing views on commitment.

Annie, who considers commitment her top priority, is very eager to tie the knot. Gerald, on the other hand, has commitment trauma and finds it hard to find a girl to settle with, especially with his mother nagging him to get married every single day of his life. 

The universe then conspires and the two cross paths to help each other in their love problems. Gerald helps Annie win his ex-boyfriend back while Annie helps Gerald to stop his mother from meddling with his love life. 

Their pseudo love story, however, will be pushed to the extreme because the two will really walk down the aisle just to continue their cover. Can they go as far as saying ‘I do’ and vow forever with each other? What if the heart can no longer keep on pretending? Who will fall in love first?

Don’t miss “My Lovely Girl,” weeknights after “Aquino and Abunda Tonight” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida and “Let’s Get Married” weekday afternoons at 4 PM on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. (TV Series Craze)

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