New Music Video of Absolute Play Garners Great Reactions on Social Media

Absolute Play's new single Someday captured the hearts of many listeners and received great reactions from Social Media. The song is a smooth-sailing pop rock with a touch of melody. The song emphasize a person who has a feeling to another person but he can't confess it!

After their pop rock song Little Miss Homewrecker which garnered hundreds of thousands of likes in the social media, this relatively new singing trio already ruled the rock airwaves with their new single Someday.

Well, the music video of the trio is now available in YouTube. You may check it now!

Absolute Play got a huge following in college campuses! There, their fanbase expanded.

Absolute Play is a trio composed of a beautiful girl and two heartthrob and matinee idol looks boys. Yes, they were all young that's why they easily captivated the attention of many teenagers! (

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