Erich Gonzales and Dina Bonnevie, the Stars of 'Katorse' Then and Now Unite in 'Two Wives'

Actress Dina Bonnevie heats things up even more in the last few weeks of “Two Wives” as she joins the cast of the hit primetime series as Janine’s long lost mother. 

The original “Katorse” star Dina, whose role as Nene was reprised by Erich on television, finally gives life to Minerva, a woman who made ends meet for her and her daughter Janine (Erich Gonzales) by being a mistress to different married men. 

When she thought she found true love, Minerva entrusted Janine to Vida (Sharmaine Arnaiz) and went to the US with her American husband. She was supposed to go back for Janine but never got the chance, because she was turned into a sex slave by her husband and was held captive. 

Now that she’s free, Minerva is more than ready to make it up to her daughter, especially after she learned about Janine’s ordeals from Kenjie (Daniel Matsunaga).  

Don’t miss the last few weeks of “Two Wives,” weeknights after “Forevermore” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. (

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