Best TV Series Remake - The 4TH TV Series Craze Awards 2013 (Nominees)

This year, many classic hit movies and 90's TV series return on the modern age. We have the revival of the 80's soap opera "Annaliza," 90's hits "Villa Quintana" and "Annakarenina" and the well-loved Mexican telenovela "Maria Mercedes!" Of course, we even have the return of the classic Pinoy films like "Dugong Buhay," "Mga Basang Sisiw,"  and "Zuma" via "Galema: Anak ni Zuma." 

Now, what do you think among these TV series remake can fit the title of 2013 Best TV Series Remake here in our very own 4TH TV Series Craze Awards 2013? You may now start casting your votes! Here are the choices: 

Did one of them surpass their respective original versions?

Vote now and show your support to your favorite TV series remake! Voting ends on December 31, 2013. Vote wisely!

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