Bea Alonzo and Gretchen Barretto's "Magkaribal" Sub-Title Version Premieres in TFC

The rivalry intensifies as the stakes are becoming higher in this month’s episode of “TFC’s Sub-titled Classics Presents: Magkaribal.” Iconic actresses Gretchen Barretto and Angel Aquino’s television characters Victoria and Vera engage in a royal battle for fashion supremacy in TFC’s third sub-titled offering for non-Filipino speaking viewers worldwide.

In the first episode of this month’s offering on October 27, Sunday worldwide (October 26 Saturday, Riyadh time), Barretto’s character Victoria momentarily escapes from the all the pressure with lover Derek Ramsey who plays boxer Louie Villamor.   Meantime, Bea Alonzo who plays Victoria’s sister Gelai fully embraces work in the fashion industry as a junior designer for Vera Couture owned by Aquino’s character, not knowing that she was her father’s mistress.  In this dream job, Gelai meets Alexander Jacobs (Eric Waldie), a fashion icon and a staunch supporter of the Universal Reality Combat Competition (URCC) where Louie is a prized fighter.

The following week on “TFC’s Sub-titled Classics presents: Magkaribal,” (November 3, worldwide and November 2, Riyadh time) Gelai’s lucky streak continues as she is chosen to create a design for fashion icon Nicole Santos (Karla Henry).  Vera, seeing Gelai’s luck, tests her lover’s daughter giving her difficult tasks and short deadlines.   Despite the pressure, Gelai’s dress gets chosen for a fashion gala.

On November 10, Sunday (November 9, Riyadh time) on TFC worldwide, the man in the middle of Vera and Victoria’s rivalry, the former and Gelai’s father Manuel (Mark Gil) makes the biggest admission that Vera Couture is in fact losing money.  As Vera’s luck is running out, everything is coming up roses for Gelai as Vera gives her a second chance.

Mid-month on November 17 (worldwide and November 16 Riyadh time), the battle intensifies as Victoria and Vera fight for the chance to work with Jacobs.  Victoria invites Jacobs to a private dinner but they are interrupted by Vera’s invitation for Jacobs to a URCC fight- his passion.  Victoria and Vera’s verbal exchange become physical.  Meantime, Chloe (Erich Gonzales) volunteers to take charge of the URCC project to make up for her mistakes at Vera Couture while Gelai helps her find prized fighter Markado who turns out to be Louie.  However, Louie is on a different pursuit - to win the heart of Victoria, who pushes him away by sending him to jail.  As part of her continued efforts to unseat Victoria, Vera pays for Louie’s bail in exchange for his return to the URCC for the sake of her event.

On November 24, worldwide via TFC (November 23 Riyadh time), Louie backs out on the deal with Vera and returns the money.  On the other hand, Gelai does not give up on Louie and pursues him in far flung Binucalan.  Meantime, Gelai’s friend Caloy (Enchong Dee) admits his feelings for Gelai just as things are starting to heat up. 

On the last week on December 1 on TFC worldwide (November 30, Riyadh time), Gelai gets drunk in Binucalan.  Intoxicated, Louie tells all about Victoria to Gelai who did not have the slightest inkling that she was her sister.  Tired and frustrated, Gelai gives up eventually in convincing Louie until he changes his mind.  In the URCC event, Victoria gets the surprise of her life when Louie shows up as fighter Markado.

The battle for fashion supremacy and personal vendetta continues in “TFC’s Sub-titled Classics presents: Magkaribal” Sundays, on TFC worldwide (Saturdays, Riyadh time).  Watch “Magkaribal’s” sub-titled version on TFC’s official online service anytime, anywhere.  Connect with fellow Kapamilyas and visit (

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