Basketball Heartthrobs Jeric and Jeron Teng Reveal Admiration to Jessy Mendiola!

Basketball superstars and real-life brothers Jeric and Jeron Teng’s confession that they have a crush on on Jessy Mendiola created a buzz on social media.  And it didn’t take long before news reached the Pinay Maria Mercedes.

Jessy, who met the brothers in an episode of “Kris TV,” admitted that she felt very flattered by the brothers’ admission. She said, “I just hope we won’t feel awkward when we bump into each other somewhere one of these days.”

So far, Jessy has not seen Jeron or Jeric in person since the brothers made the revelation on TV, though she exchanged tweets with the two and  was able to talk to them via phone patch when she sent them words of encouragement when they played for “Minute to Win It.”

When asked if she would entertain the hardcourt hotties in case either one of them courts her, Jessy quipped, “I am open to being friends with them. They seem to be really nice guys but right now I am really focused on my work and barely have time for love.”

Before Jeron and Jeric, actor Sam Milby and “Maria Mercedes” leading man Jake Cuenca first expressed their admiration for Jessy. Just like her character as Mercedes in the soap opera remake, Jessy is being eyed by many guys in and out of showbiz

“I guess it’s one similiarity Mercedes and I have but I think she can handle boys better than I do,” joked Jessy. “Sometimes I really don’t know how to react whenever someone tells me that this person or that person has a crush on me.”

Jessy is far from picking one lucky guy out of the many men who adore her but her character Mercedes seems to be fancying Luis (Jake Cuenca) more as she gets more and more closer to the young businessman. Will they take their friendship to the next level? How will Clavio (Jason Abalos) and Misty (Nikki Gil) take Mercedes and Luis’ closeness to each other?

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