The Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh Scandal!

After the the controversial Chito Miranda-Neri Naig private video which trended on the world-wide web, here comes another scandal that breaks the news! This time it's between the "Eat Bulaga" host and comedian Wally Bayola and sexy dancer EB Babe Yosh.   

Just like Neri and Chito, Wally and Yosh were doing their intimate moment. But in their case, they were aware that they were doing it infront of the camera! The bald guy seems like Wally on top of the lady. They were both naked!

Here is one of the screenshots of the said video:   

The said private video is already uploaded in YouTube and spread in the different websites!

Why did Wally and Yosh made such kind of video? Do they want an instant fame just like the previous celebrities who did the same?! Is Wally still hunger for popularity even though he already created a big name in the showbiz industry?! Or, is it really Wally in the said scandalous video?! ( 

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  1. what big name?

  2. Ano kaya nasa utak nila, kung bakit nagvivideo pa habang nagsesex silang dalawa, yung sa babae, mawawala yung respeto sa mga tao sa kanya, yung kay wally namin, kawawa yung mga anak niya.

  3. next time wally mag condom ka naman at hindi puro kalat ang sperm cell hmmmmmmm