Carlo Aquino Reveals to Denise Laurel and Patrick Garcia the Truth About 'Annaliza!'

Lazaro (Patrick Garcia) and Isabel (Denise Laurel) willuncover the long-kept secret concealed from them as Makoy (Carlo Aquino) finally reveals the truth that Annaliza (Andrea Brillantes) is their long lost child in the top-rating primetime family drama “Annaliza.”

The couple will get a hold of the CCTV video that will show who abducted their daughter in the hospital and will discover that it was Makoy all along.

They will immediately ask authorities to arrest Makoy and when they finally face each other at the precinct, the public’s much-awaited confrontation ensues as Makoy divulges the truth about Annaliza’s identity.

Don’t miss “Annaliza” weeknights before “TV Patrol” in ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. (

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