"My Husband's Lover Episode:" Tom Rodriguez and Rodjun Cruz Fight Over Dennis Trillo!

In last night’s episode of “My Husband’s Lover, Eric (Dennis Trillo) was late for his date with his new lover, Martin.  And so, he apologized to him. But Martin was neither offended nor disappointed by Eric’s tardiness. In fact, he assured Eric that it’s OK and told him, “You’re worth the wait.”

It seems that Eric has finally found his match – someone who can love him without apprehensions – in Martin. But such is not the case for Vincent, who despite his being married to Lally, still holds on to Eric. 

Last night’s episode was a continuation of Friday’s cliff-hanger.  Eric inquired with the condominium’s security personnel about the identity of the owner of his former condo unit. While that was happening, Vincent was hiding by the elevator and was trying to fight the urge to show himself up to Eric.  But when Eric left the building (the security personnel did not disclose anything to Eric), Vincent trailed him and before Eric could enter his vehicle, he called him. After having not seen each other for quite some time, their eyes locked and suddenly the memories of the past rushed in.

What ensued is a two-minute montage of Eric and Vincent’s reminiscing moments to the tune of Jonalyn Viray’s now very popular single, “Help Me Get Over.”  The montage ended with Vincent calling Lally on the phone. Vincent unceremoniously asked his wife for a “separation” and viewers online went crazy – “What? Separation through a phone call?” Unfortunately for Lally, it seems that Vincent has completely run out of love for her.

Vincent was probably thinking that since he still feels the “love” for Eric, his former lover also feels the same way.  But Eric is beginning to move on and, in fact, he’s beginning to entertain another man in his life, Martin (Rodjun Cruz).

Martin asked Eric out on a date and the latter accepted the invitation. Eric was late but Martin did not mind his tardiness. He assured Eric that it’s OK because anyway he (Eric) “is worth the wait.”

In tonight’s episode, a scuffle is going to happen at the bar where Eric and Martin are set to hang out when Vincent catches the two having an intimate moment. Vincent thinks he still has the right to control Eric’s life but Eric will make him take the bitter pill and accept the fact that the relationship they once had is – definitely – over!

Now, Vincent will have to accept the fact that on one hand, he’s lost Eric and on the other, he’s losing his wife Lally.

Also, Paul (Pancho Magno) kisses Lally (Carla Abellana) and this incident adds more fuel to Gen. Armando and Elaine’s (Roi Vinzon and Kuh Ledesma) suspicion that Lally is cheating on Vincent.  Making matters worse, the incident was photographed by an undercover agent that was hired by Armando to stealthily trail Lally and find out if their suspicions are correct.

It seems that Lally is going to suffer the consequences of Vincent’s actions.  Will she be forced to tell Vincent’s parents the truth about their son’s identity so she could vindicate her self?

Together, let’s find out the answers tonight in “My Husband’s Lover,” airing after “Mundo Mo’y Akin” on GMA Telebabad.

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