Mario Maurer Joins the Philippine Movie Premiere of his Movie 'Pee Mak!'

Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer visited the country for the third time now - first in 2011 to grace the Penshoppe fan conference, second in 2012 to promote his first Pinoy film "Suddenly Its Magic,"  and third this 2013 for his new movie "Pee Mak" as well as another fan meet again for Penshoppe together with"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" leading lady Baifern.

On Saturday afternoon, August 3, 2013, Mario and Baifern arrived in the country. Mario first attended the solo press conference of his latest movie "Pee Mak" in Edsa Shangrila hotel followed by a blog conference at 7pm in Trinoma Cinema 7 lobby. Mario was accompanied by the movie director in the blog con.

During the blog conference of Mario, yours truly asked four questions to the actor. My first three questions asked him of all the movies he had done, what is his most favorite, his most memorable, and his most challenging.   

According to Mario, his most favorite movie is "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" while the most memorable is his first movie, the gay-themed "Love of Siam." And of course, the most challenging is his latest "Pee Mak."

I even asked him if given a chance to do again a new movie in the Philippines, who will be his preferred leading lady. Mario answered that he wants to work with a leading lady that will be given to him. He don't want to be bias in choosing his tandem. It's up to the production team.

After the blog conference, Mario joined his Filipino fans in watching the Philippine movie premiere of his Thai horror-comedy flick "Pee Mak" in Cinema 7.

"Pee Mak" is Thailand's top-grossing film of all time! It is distributed by Star Cinema and will hit the theaters this coming August 28, 2013. (

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