Daniel Matsunaga and Hideo Muraoka Sizzling Topless Billboard for a Clothing Line!

Brapanese hunk models Daniel Matsunaga and Hideo Muraoka combined their ultimate hotness as they endorse the jean lineups of the SM Department Store clothing line.

The models flaunt their sexy yummy abs as their pose shirtless on the billboard! With the theme of "Just Delivered Jeans," the said billboard is currently up and posted in the highway of EDSA.

Aside from modelling, Daniel also appears in the different movies and TV programs. He is part of the 2012 MMFF movie "Sisterakas" and currently leading the TV series "Misibis Bay."

On the other hand, Hideo focuses career on modelling and product endorsements.

Daniel or Hideo, who do you think is sexier, yummier, and hotter?! Who is your bet?! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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