"My Husband's Lover" Episode: Eric Leaves "Love Nest" and Memories with Vincent

In the recent episode of the GMA primetime series “My Husband’s Lover,” Eric (Dennis Trillo) finally turned over the keys to his condominium unit to the broker facilitating its sale. As he was packing his stuff, he reminisced the sweet moments he shared with Vincent (Tom Rodriguez) in the said condo unit.

Weren’t you able to watch the episode last night? Here are some highlights that you missed:

Because of the scuffle that transpired at the wedding anniversary party of Gen. Armando (Roi Vinzon) and Elaine (Kuh Ledesma), the retired general decided to call it a night and sent their guests home.

Vincent (Tom Rodriguez) thanked his wife Lally (Carla Abellana) for being an understanding wife. He told her: “Lally, thank you for being my wife, for being my friend” and the two embraced

Meanwhile, Eric was alone in his condo unit and was feeling depressed. He took a capsule of antidepressant and, in utter despair, he then thought of ending his life by taking a handful of antidepressants. But Eric heard his mother’s voice and this averted plan. Eric thanked his mom for “saving” him once more. Eric’s mom was
clueless about what had happened.

While Eric was packing up (it was his last day in the condo), he reminisced his sweet moments with Eric in what they once considered as their “love nest.”

Now that a new character, Zandro (Keempee de Leon), is introduced in the series, a big question is waiting to be answered: “How will Zandro affect the story of the series?” Also, “Will the now fragile relationship between Vincent and Lally as a couple be downgraded to just being ‘friends’?”

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