Why Carla Abellana Accepted Her Role in "My Husband's Lover?!"

TV Series Craze together with the other selected entertainment bloggers had the opportunity to visit the set of today's No, 1 hit TV series, "My Husband's Lover."  The three lead stars namely Dennis Trillo, Tom Rodriguez, and Carla Abellana were doing scenes for their upcoming episodes. And right after their taping, we got the chance to interview the three lead cast members. And we started of with Lally, Carla Abellana!   

Carla already portrayed different characters in the different teleserye of GMA-7. She grabbed her first leading role in the Pinoy remake of the Mexiconovela "Rosalinda."  Afterwards, various roles were given to the actress.

We got curious why Carla accepted the role of Lally, a martyr and lovable wife to a gay husband Vincent (played by Tom) knowing that her character is quite unusual.  

"Syempre napaka-intriquing 'ung role. More challenging. Ibang-iba ang character ni Lally sa lahat ng mga characters na nagampanan ko na. And it's a big opportunity, so I grabbed it," Carla explained!

Since her character as Lally is in mid-point between two gay lovers, we dare to asked if in real life the same thing would happen to Carla Abellana, what will she do?! 

And our question goes this way: "Sa tunay na buhay, pag nangyari sa'yo Carla na nalaman mo 'ung pinakasalan mo pala ay gay at may male/gay lover, ano ang gagawin mo?"

Carla promptly replied: "Naku mawi-windang ako! Ang hirap sigurong tanggapin nun. But then, naniniwala ako sa marriage. Since kasal kame, ipaglalaban ko 'ung bisa ng kasal namin. Sacred kase ang marriage so baka ma-i-workout pa namin. But then kung hindi na talaga mababago 'ung pananaw niya, then I will let him go!"  

We even asked Carla a question like this: "Alin ang mas mahirap tanggapin o maging ka-kumpetensya, ang kabit na babae o ang kabit na lalaki?!

"Naku, syempre ang kabit na lalaki noh! Ang hirap kaya nun," Carla expressed with feelings.

Right now, Carla together with the other cast members were very happy knowing the success of their TV series with a high rating. According to the actress, "My Husband's Lover" is her most successful TV project so far! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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