'Toda Max' Goes 'Home Along Da Riles;' Vhong Navarro Takes Dolphy's Role as Kevin Cosme!

Justin (Vhong Navarro) dreams up and plays out his favorite character, Kevin Cosme—one of Comedy King Dolphy’s signature roles, as this week’s episode of “Toda Max” takes on its own version of “Home Along Da Riles”.

Justin had recently been watching “Home Along Da Riles” on Jeepney TV in tribute to the Comedy King. Finding himself completely engrossed in the show, he eventually drifts off, dreaming—and in a strange turn of events, he comes to realize that he has actually turned into Kevin Kosme.

Meanwhile, Lady G (Pokwang) is in contact with a negotiator, Miss Abad (Kaye Abad), who brings along her faithful right hand (Vandolph) to Beverly Gils. Miss Abad proposes to increase productivity in the area by turning it into a commercial space. However, for that to happen, Beverly Gils would have to be demolished.

As all of this is happening, Justin continues to imagine himself in “Home Along Da Riles”—but coincidentally, Miss Abad also intends to destroy the homes beside the railways in order to pursue the same plan.

Don’t miss out on “Toda Max” this Saturday (July 27) as it pays a special tribute to the King of Comedy, guest starring no less than Dolphy’s son Vandolph and Kaye Abad. “Toda Max” airs on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “Maalaala Mo Kaya”. (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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