The Mystery of 'Bangungot' and Astral Projection Unveil in 'Hiwaga!'

Join broadcast journalist Atom Araullo as he finds out more about astral projection as well as other phenomena that may happen during sleep in a longer, and more informative “Hiwaga” beginning Friday (July 19).

Insomnia may just be a sleep disorder for some, but for Cecil, it has controlled her life since she was nine. Three to four hours of sleep would be enough, but when she became pregnant, her insomnia took a turn towards the worst when she began not only to sleep talk, but also sleepwalk.

But what if when you sleepwalk, you leave your body behind as in the case of Armand? Astral projection isn’t as simple as it seems especially when ghostly figures start calling out as if to take you away.

When 43 out of every 100,000 Filipinos die from “bangungot,” is there a cause for worry when you start getting sleepy? Or are these just myths just like the “batibat” behind misunderstood facts?

Face your fears and widen your perception in the more expanded universe of “Hiwaga,”every Friday, 4:15 PM in ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. (

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