Angel Locsin and Vhong Navarro as Azon and Kevin Cosme of 'Home Along Da Riles!'

This Saturday, the hit ABS-CBN sitcom "Toda Max" goes on "Home Along Da Riles!" As part of their tribute to the legendary comedy show of Dolphy in the Kapamilya network, the show will relive some of the important scenes in the sitcom.

Angel Locsin and Vhong Navarro will reprise the characters of Azon and Kevin Cosme which originally played by Nova Villa and Dolphy.

Check out the photos of Angel and Vhong below shared by Angel's Facebook Fan Page as they relive the most-loved comic characters:

To give more life to the show, Vandolf, the son of Dolphy is the guest star in this Saturday's show. Vandolf is also part of the original "Home Along Da Riles" casts wherein he played Baldo, the youngest son of Kevin!

Are you excited for the "Home Along Da Riles' episode of "Toda Max"  this Saturday?! Definitely! Can't wait and see! (  

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