Paul John Finally Discovers JC's Secret in 'To the Beautiful You!'

JC’s secret will finally be revealed to Paul John this Wednesday (May 1) in “To the Beautiful You.”

JC’s brother from the US, Daniel, goes to Seoul to attend to some work matters and at the same time pay her a visit.

She tries to hide the truth from Daniel by dressing up like a girl again, but fate will still find a way for Daniel to know about what she’s been doing in Korea.

A confrontation ensues between the siblings and Paul John overhears everything, including JC’s much-kept secret about her gender and goal to keep Paul John interested in sports.

How will Paul John react to this revelation? Will he drive JC away or will he give himself a chance to get to know her better as the real JC?

Find out all the answers this Wednesday (May 1) in “To the Beautiful You,” after “Pinoy True Stories” only in the first and true home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN. (

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