"Aswang in the City" Features in 'Hiwaga!'

When you’re in the province, scary stories about the aswang are easier to believe. But when you’re in the city, is it possible that these stories can still be true?

This Friday (Feb 22)  in “Pinoy True Stories: Hiwaga,” Atom Araullo enters the world of the paranormal and meets with a mother of eight who has had encounters with an aswang for three times and it has put her and her children’s lives in danger

It all started in Samar when Annie was pregnant with her sixth child. The incidents with the aswang, who are notorious for preying on pregnant women and eating their unborn children, have followed her ever since.

The first encounter was with a seemingly innocent grandmother who lived beside them but had “eyes” for Annie’s big tummy.

The second was in Makati where a strange woman with long-hair appeared out of the blue whom Annie believes turned into a huge snake to follow them when she tried to run.

But the third incident nearly cost Annie and her soon-to-be–born child’s lives and it was in the form of an innocent black cat that was out for blood.

Can science explain what happened to her or could aswang exist? Is it really possible for an aswang to roam the busy streets of Makati and Taguig?

Don’t miss the full story in “Pinoy True Stories: Hiwaga,” anchored by Atom Araullo this Friday (Feb 22), 4:45 p.m. after “A Gentleman’s Dignity” on ABS-CBN.

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