'A Moment in TIme' Grand Presscon: Coco Martin and Julia Montes Share Their 'Kilig' Stories!

After the phenomenal success of the Primetime TV series "Walang Hanggan," Coco Martin and Julia Montes were reunited in the upcoming Star Cinema movie, "A Moment in Time." The movie is Star Cinema's Valentine's offering for 2013.

Unlike their characters in the teleserye as Daniel and Katerina with full of drama and tragedy, in the movie, they will playing the characters of Patrick and Jilian - light characters that will give more kilig moments to the audience. 

Coco described his character as 'jologs,' 'kalog.' "Ako 'ung habol nang habol kay Jilian (Julia) sa movie. At para makita ko siya, pi-naint ko sa lahat ng kalye 'ung mukha niya," Coco shared.

"Ako dito si Jilian, anak mayaman. Pero I love music," Julian said about her character.

Coco even shared some of the interesting stories while filming the movie. There were times that he still mistakenly called Julia as Katerina revealing how their characters stuck to their own personalities. He even shared to Julia his Indie Film days. "Dati 'nung nagte-taping kami sa Indie, walang kaarte-arte. Walang mga telon. Hahanap lang kami ng isang lugar na may liblib para magpalit ng damit. Tapos kumakain lang kami sa mga carinderia," Coco added.   

 As per Coco, one of the most challenging scenes he did in the movie is the scene where he sings to Julia and dances like a macho dancer. The press people chased him to do the same in the presscon turning him red and shy. :) 

The Cast and the Director of "A Moment in Time"

A Lovable Movie Poster of "A Moment in Time"

After the Success of "Walang Hanggan," Coco && Julia Bring Luck to the Movie

Joseph Marco Plays Julia's Suitor while Ella Cruz is Coco's Sister

Aside from Julia and Coco, two of Star Magic's hottest young stars joined them in the movie. They are Joseph Marco and Ella Cruz. Joseph plays the suitor of Julia while Ella is Coco's younger sister.

"Dito sa movie, human na po ako," Ella said. Fresh from the success of "Aryana," Ella star in the movie with Coco and Julia.

Joining the four young stars of the present generation are veteran actors Cherie Gil and Gabby Concepcion. Cherie and Gabby are playing the parents of Julia. They have a British blood in the movie. 

"Dito hindi na ako kontrabida. Legal na asawa na ako ni Gabby," Cherie stated.

The two even compared the movie making in their times to the current. According to Gabby, "ngayon hindi na mainit ang mga lighting. Dati sobrang init at pagpapawisan talaga ang mga artista."  Cherie on the other hand praised the continuous improvement in the field of film making. "They were more competitive now," Cherie added.

The Director Shares Excitement Working with the Two Phenomenal Love Team

Cherrie Gil Now Plays the Legal Wife of Gabby Concepcion

Four of the Hottest Young Stars Today Merged in the Romantic Movie

Ella Says, She is Now a Real Human (without a tail) in the Movie!

The lady casts also discussed the matters of courting and relationship. For Ella, she didn't believe in courting through text because you didn't see the emotion. "Malay mo kung nagloloko lang siya," she added. Julia on the other hand said, "ako kinikilala ko muna nang maigi 'ung person." It's the same thing they are now with Coco - on the stage of knowing each other!        

Even the veteran actress Ms. Cherie Gil answered the same question if in what way she can fall in love with the man courting her. "Para sa akin, 'ung makapagbibigay sa akin ng around the world cruise," she replied.   

Coco also shared his "panliligaw" style. "Ako umaakyat dati sa school ng nililigawan ko sa UE Caloocan. Tapos masaya na kami na kumakain ng pancit,"  Coco recalled. 

In March 19, Julia will be celebrating her 18th birthday. The press then asked her if Coco will be her escort. She said, "I'm hoping because busy masyado si Coco." Coco on the other hand is also willing to be Julia's debut escort.

"A Moment in Time" is under the direction of Emmanuel "Manny" Palo. It will hit the theater a day before the Valentines, February 13, 2013. It's another sure hit from the makers of box-office and top-grossing films, Star Cinema! Thumbs up.(www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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