Kris Aquino, Ai Ai Delas Alas, and Vice Ganda Spread Surprises in the Grand Presscon of 'Sisterakas!'

What does Kris Aquino, Ai Ai Delas, and Vice Ganda have in common?! Well, all of them were "Queens of the Blockbuster" movies whom already shared remarkable movies in the history of Philippine Cinemas - Vice for "Praybeyt Benjamin," Kris for "Feng Shui," and Ai Ai for the "Tanging Ina" series.   

What more, Kris and Ai Ai were already faces of the Metro Manila Film Festival, remember Kris' "Dalaw"  in 2010 and "Segunda Mano" in 2011 while Ai Ai's "Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat" (2009), "Ang Tanging Ina Last Na'to" (2010), and "Enteng ng Ina Mo" (2011)?! Meanwhile, this is Vice's very first MMFF movie in a leading role!    

With the combination of these three 'queens' plus today's hottest love team Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla or popularly known now as the KatNiel, expect for a hilarious blockbuster movie that will surely break the box-office record!             

But for the three lead stars of the movie, they treat this year's MMFF as a friendly competition. Kris and Ai Ai didn't aim to get the Best Actress award since many predicted that the superstar Ms. Nora Aunor could get the title as she got two challenging roles for two different movies namely "Thy Womb" and "El Presidente." "Sige po, kay Ate Guy na lang," Ai Ai said. "But who knows, may Himala! Nandyan pa sina Angel at Angelica (One More Try) na pwede ding mag-uwi ng award," the cast added!        

Kris on the other hand expect that her movie this year will take the No, 1 spot in the box-office and Best Picture's race. "Nung 2010 (Dalaw) kasi nag number 3 ako. Last year (Segunda Mano) naman, number 2. Maybe, it's about time na number 1 naman ngayon," she expressed! Take note that "Sisterakas" is Kris Aquino's very first non-horror movie entry to the MMFF.    

Kris seemed like a fortune teller last year when she predicted that her leading man Dingdong Dantes will take the Best Actor award for his effective portrayal in their movie "Segunda Mano." Therefore a member of the press asked her, "this year, who do you feel will be the best actor, could it be Dingdong Dantes again?!"  Kris immediately replied, "syempre kasama ko nuon si Dingdong kaya definitely, sya ang bet ko na manalo. Eh ngayon di ko na siya kasama. And definitely ang bet ko eh 'ung kasama ko now sa movie di ba! Di ko naman pwedeng sabihin na si Vice 'un eh ayaw naman niyang maging actor!"  

Meanwhile, Vice shared how prepare he is for this movie. "Dati nga isa lang ako kinaya ko, ngayon pa na lima kami (including the two young stars Kath and DJ)," s/he said!

In the movie, Vice and Ai Ai play the character of half-sisters Bernice and Detty. The two were rival sisters. Kris enters the competition as she portrays the character of Roselle! The story somewhat revolves around fashion and clothing!

Meanwhile, Daniel plays Angelo, the godson of Bernice who meets and fall in love with the character of Kathryn as Kathy. She is the daughter of Detty. Xyriel is Kathy's little sister who is also Detty's youngest daughter, the most matured character in the movie!

Hunk DJ Callum David and Brazilian actor Daniel Matsunaga have a special appearance in the movie. Watch out for the kissing scene of Ai Ai and Callum which makes the character of Kris jealous!   

The presscon eventually turned into a Grand Christmas party as Kris, Ai Ai, Vice, and Direk Wenn donated large amount of money which raffled in the last part of the event for the press and bloggers present during the night! Everyone went home happy as majority of the participants got the prizes! Cool!

"Sisterakas" is under the blockbuster director Wenn V. Deramas. It is set to hit all the theaters nationwide on December 25, 2012 being one of the 2012 MMFF movie entries from Star Cinema and Viva Films! Exciting!(         

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