Derrick Monasterio and Jake Vargas Portray the Life Stories of Mr. Pogi 2012 Winners Jaylord Casino and John Edric Ulang in 'Magpakailanman!'

This Saturday, GMA's reality-based drama anthology program hosted by Ms. Mel Tiangco, "Magpakailanman," will feature the lives of Jaylord Casino and John Edric Ulang, winners of Eat Bulaga's "Mr. Pogi" contest.

Just like most aspirants who want to enter show business, Jaylord and John Edric have always dreamed of becoming popular stars one day and they saw showbiz as a way out of poverty.

Although they both reached the same juncture in their journey, they came from very different worlds.

Jaylord was never an achiever in school.  Despite the efforts exerted by his parents to give him a good education, he just couldn't meet their expectations.  He grew up feeling the burden of being his parents' biggest disappointment but he figured that there must be something special about him that could make his parents proud.  One day, a friend approached him and encouraged him to audition for "Mr. Pogi," a competition for male wanna-be TV stars hosted by the longest running noontime show, "Eat Bulaga."

Jaylord was confident that he has got the looks, charm and talent to win the title.  However, his parents are not as optimistic.  Besides, this is not how they have envisioned their son to succeed in life.

Meanwhile, family is not a problem for another Mr. Pogi winner John Edric. From the very beginning he has always shown the makings of a star and his parents, especially his dad, have always been supportive of his plans. Unfortunately, John Edric's ambition of entering show business came to a halt when he unexpectedly impregnated his girlfriend, Michelle.

Consequently, John Edric's focus shifted from pursuing his dream career to providing for his own family.  He thought he would never catch up on his dream until the opportunity to audition for "Mr. Pogi" came one day.  He grabbed the chance and the rest is history, so to speak.

Join veteran journalist Ms. Mel Tiangco as she unravels these two inspiring stories of triumph with Kapuso teen star Derrick Monasterio and Jake Vargas portraying as Jaylord and John Edric this Saturday in "Magpakailanman," airing after Kap's Amazing Stories on GMA-7.(

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