Denise Laurel Returns to 'PHR' Now Being a Tough Antagonist!

After painting your afternoons with love as Lysa in the recently concluded Precious Hearts Romances presents Pintada, actress Denise Laurel heats up afternoon viewing once more as she returns to another PHR series, this time, as the feisty and sultry lawyer Cassandra Romano in PHR presents Paraiso.

Behind the tough front she shows as an empowered and successful career woman, Cassandra remains to be a vulnerable young girl who is afraid to love after her father left her and her mother for another woman.

She has only loved one man who she considers a hero in her life— Brennan. Back when they were still in college, Brennan was the only man who respected her, treated her right, and did not take advantage of her.

As the two meet again and rekindle their friendship, Cassandra’s attraction to Brennan burns anew. Despite the fact that Brennan is already a family man, Cassandra is determined to get him no matter what.

Brenna even fuels her intentions when he tells her of his “affair of the heart” with Yanie. Be it against Yanie or Megan (Jewel Mische), Cassandra will definitely not bow down without a fight for the only man she ever desired.

Will she win this battle just like the cases she won in court? How will she push Yanie to be honest about her feelings for Brennan? Will Brennan give in to her?

Watch Denise Laurel as Cassandra Romano in the intensifying story of Precious Hearts Romances presents Paraiso, after MMK Klasiks in ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.(

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