Coco Martin and Julia Montes' Photos in London!

Many of us were missing Daniel and Katerina of the phenomenal hit TV series "Walang Hanggan." But, miss no more since the country's most-loved pair were together again in the beautiful place of London.

Yes, Coco Martin and Julia Montes were together in Buckingham Palace, London. They were sharing sweet moments together.

Well, here are two of the photos of Coco and Julia in London courtesy of Coco Martin's Facebook Fan Page and Walang Hanggan's FB Page:   

They were good and lovely to see! Do you think they were in London as part of their upcoming movie? Or they were just having their vacation? 

Nice one Coco and Julia! More power to both of you!(

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  1. I love this pair ,they look good together :)

  2. I want them for real because they're made perfectly for each other. They always look good and they certainly have a lot of comparisons. They should have kids and live a happy life. Maybe not now, but in the near future! :D aja! hahaha XD

  3. I love this team up starting when the walang hanggan air, so much in commomn,bagay at natural ang kanilang pag-arte, i wish them all the luck and sana magkaron pa ng teleserye..
    so perfect..and so inspiring,anyway if happen na maging sila,age does'nt matter,naman..kaya gogo coco and julia...

  4. I really really like them both. Bagay talaga sila. Coco's really handsome, and he has very strong sex appeal. And his acting prowess as well as his attitude towards work and other actors make him all the more handsome and YUMMY! Since Walang Hanggan ended I've not stopped reading articles about Coco and his life. CONGRATULATIONS and MORE POWER TO YOU COCO and JULIA. You inspire people to be in-love again!