Sam Milby's Famous Salon Billboard in EDSA!

If Angel Locsin is the female endorser of the newly launched Famous Salon from Folded and Hung, the hunk rock-coustic actor Sam Milby on the other hand is her male counterpart!

It seems that Angel and Sam reunited (since they were paired together in the Philippine adaptation of the Koreanovela "Only You" in 2009) but not anymore in a TV series, rather in endorsing a particular brand. The two were the faces of the "I Am Famous" and "Be Famous" campaign of Folded and Hung for their newly opened salon.

Just like Angel, Sam's huge billboard for the said salon is now up and erected in EDSA Unlike his previous billboards for F&H, Sam's Famous Salon billboard is wholesome yet still so hot and oozing! 

Let's check out the billboard of Sam in EDSA. Here it is:

Sam Milby's Famous Salon Billboard in EDSA

And of course, here are two of Sam's online billboards for the said brand. Let's check these out:

As you can see, even Sam Milby also had a new haircut for this newest salon from the famous clothing line.

Aside from these billboards, Sam is still a favorite endorser of different products. His album is now a certified hit. And sooner, Sam is set to return in Primetime TV series via ABS-CBN's "Against All Odds" pairing him with KC Concepcion and Judy Ann Santos.

Great one Sam! You are definitely hot and sizzling! Keep it up!(

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