Is Miles Ocampo Jelous on Marco Gumabao's New Friend in 'LUV U?!'

Rumor has it that “LUV U” star Marco Gumabao and his onscreen partner former “Goin Bulilit” star Miles Ocampo has been dating for a while but the two are insistent that there’s nothing going on between them.

But Miles seems to feel uneasy now that a new girl has entered Marco’s life and will be part of their show. How will this affect their friendship?

During an interview, Miles said that Marco is just plain friendly. “He’s very sweet to his friends, it’s his nature,” she said.

On “LUV U” this Saturday, everyone will meet the girl that will test Camille (Miles) and JB’s (Marco) relationship. Pretty Paris (Tippy Dos Santos) will enter the scene as the new school reporter and will have Camille feel jealous as JB seems to spend more time with her for interviews.

What will Paris and JB do that will push Camille to the limit? Find out on “LUV U” this Sunday (October 7) after ASAP 2012 on ABS-CBN.(

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